How To Make A Man Want You

How to make a man want you maybe the question circling above the heads of millions of women right now. Maybe they are figuring out these things many times of the day. Getting someone like the man of your dreams may prove elusive to some but to those who know how will be a lot easier.

A guy usually admires women who are positive and independent. A guy loves to hang around to those women who have positive outlook in life than those who constantly complained and are complete whiners. Women must show in action that you are perfectly happy with your lives and you are ready to share this happiness.

Always look and smile good. Make yourself attractive, radiating your inner beauty. You will emit female sexual magnetism at its most potent. A man is always attracted to women who take care of themselves. Of course less vanity is good to some men. Flaunting your beauty is not a show of arrogance but a show of confidence.

Always keep an open mind. Maybe you now have your own set of criteria of your ideal man and if you will be dogmatic about it, maybe your ideal man will not come for in your life. We should remember that we all have our own little imperfections as a human being so make a room for improvement for each person you meet.

Be friendly and approachable. With that at least you are least intimidating. It is difficult for a guy to start a conversation if you are not approachable. Although to some guys it is a challenge but most guys prefer a path of less resistance. A guy will look for a way that he can start building friendship right away.

Do not be like a barnacle to a guy you just meet always sticking. This will kill attraction. Retain a little mystery of yourself so that your new found guy will try to figure it out. Some guys love the chasing part in the early phase of the relationship. So that makes the relationship exciting.

Pretend that you lose interest in him and that would make a guy crazy. Of course you have to know if he is really attracted to you if not then he can take you for granted. Find a way that can manipulate him so that he will move heaven and earth just to see you. And this all about male ego, they do not want women to pull the trigger first.

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