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How to Meet Men that Matter

Who hasn’t heard at least a dozen promises about how to meet men and even, Mr. Right? It seems everyone has a piece of advice for the single women of the world. “Do this.” “Don’t do that.” But most of the advice is contradictory.

Is it better to make the first move or wait to be asked out first?
What are men actually looking for in a girlfriend?
Why are even some of the most beautiful women cheated on and taken advantage of?

Finding Confidence

The number one piece of advice women receive is to be happy and confident in their own skins. However, it can be hard when it seems like everyone else is settling down, happy with their perfect partners. Are those women more beautiful? More intelligent? Better? No. You are good enough just as you are. The only difference is you may have been unconsciously using the wrong patterns of behavior with men. Without knowing what went wrong, it’s only going to continue happening.

Patterns of Behavior

Many women repeat the same approaches with men, never realizing that their very actions might be pushing men away. They don’t know how to meet men and keep them around because they’re the ones pushing them away. These women will only continue doing it because they don’t know what they’re doing is wrong! Their friends assure them that they’re blameless; “he’s a jerk” they’ll say, and move on to the next “jerk.” Chances are that not time after time each man a certain woman dates is a jerk; chances are better that the common denominator is doing something wrong.

Breaking the Cycle

All is not lost, though. Just because some of us have a habit of falling into the same destructive patterns doesn’t mean we can’t break out of them. The most important thing is to recognize what’s wrong with your current approach in how to meet men. Many women will become needy and insecure with their men. Others will excuse behavior from emotionally distant and unavailable men, hoping that someday he’ll come around. Every woman must identify what behaviors are interfering with the stable and emotionally satisfying relationships she deserves and then eradicate those behaviors from her life.

Establishing New Patterns

Once those bad habits are identified and dealt with, the next step is replacing those bad behaviors with good ones. The most successful woman knows what a man is thinking and what attracts him. She knows how to be the sort of woman a man falls in love with. She is confident in herself and knows not to waste her time on the emotionally unavailable, and how to zero in on the ones who count. She knows how to meet men who matter! If you don’t already know what that successful woman know, don’t worry;

Meeting Mr. Right

You don’t have to become someone else to enjoy her successes. It is possible to meet Mr. Right with the right tools and knowledge. Marriage and relationship expert Naomi Miller has targeted the most common mistakes women make in dating and relationships and identified the ways they can correct these mistakes and engage in the behaviors that lead to real and lasting commitments.

She teaches you not just how to meet men, but how to meet the right men and keep them by providing tools and tips that work in changing the destructive dating habits of most women into successful patterns of behavior that enables meaningful relationships that work.

Her advice has helped women across the country transform their lives and their relationships. Her success stories speak for themselves.

Just remember to keep an open mind and be willing to learn from someone who has been in your position and still managed to find love. login
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