Best Car Mats for Toyota Corolla 2019

If you have a Toyota Corolla 2019, we appreciate your choice that you own the best-selling car for the year. The same aesthetic should be on work while choosing the car mats for your Toyota Corolla. There are various options …

Mass Flywheel

There is a case where the reciprocating piston engines produce rotating vibrations in the flywheel, which are caused by the lack of continuity in the development of combustion. This is why the dual mass flywheel prevents these rotating vibrations from …

Wheel caps and their importance

This refers to the disk on the car wheel that that is fitted at the center part of the wheel. Initially, this decorative disc used to be small and was used to prevent dirt from entering the spindle nut or

How to Buy the Quality Steel Wheels?

When you are purchasing car wheels, it is best to choose steel wheels and alloy wheels. While the alloy wheels are much lighter, they cannot compete with the durability and strength of steel wheels. Even if alloy wheels are the

Which are important auto body parts?

What is the most important part of a car? Well, before answering that question, you must know what it is made of. From the face value, a car is made of plastic glass and metal. But is that all? What …


An intercooler is a heat exchanger that serves to cool air compacted by either a supercharger or a Turbo Charger. It is fixed in between the path of air from the turbo or supercharger to the car. From the knowledge …

3 Reasons To Choose A VW As Your Next Car

When it comes to choosing your next car, there are lots of things to think about and it can be a difficult decision to make, especially with so many different options on the market to choose from.

There are more …

Do you know how blind spot monitoring system work? It is pivotal for driver’s safety so check this out!

Do you know how blind spot monitoring system work? It is pivotal for driver’s safety so check this out!-Brought to you by PartsAvatar Car Mirrors Online.

Car manufacturers are upgrading their safety equipments day by day. How many times