Top Internet Car Buying Websites

One of the greatest things I like about searching for a car is actually finding reliable websites to purchase from. There are many internet car buying websites but how do you know which ones are actually trustworthy. I would like to know when I’m searching for a vehicle from a website it is a safe and reliable experience. When searching for the best website, we all typically will go on Google to research a reasonable website and once we are done we will find a lot of website claiming that there are the best to buy a car. But in truth how do you figure out which websites is best in general.

During my search I was surprise with the amount of car sales websites claiming to be the number one in the country. I found some website that did provide unique style on selling the best vehicles.

Websites for purchasing new or used vehicles This websites is used to search for a ‘national directory for used classified or to find invoice prices on new vehicles”. The website will guide the consumer to buy “passenger, sports, and luxury vehicles”.The website allows the consumer to search for any make or model vehicle at your own convenience. Love to know (2012). website has their own unique way of selling vehicles. It gives you the option of “buying new and used automobile online or sell your old one” and “it also gives you a search engine to investigate auto ranging from Acuras to Volvos”. It also provides “rebates and incentives” for the customer through “Kelly Blue book. Love to know (2012). It is known to be the “biggest car and best car site, where you can review sections on collector auto, insurance, and automobile loans”. The site claim to be the best to offer “listing for new and used car” but with car sales anyone or website can claim to be the best. After reviewing this site, it has a lot of good information for new buyers. It has over “20,000 new and used vehicles available to purchase online”. “Also if the exact model you want isn’t at a nearby store, it can be transferred to your local Carmax for a fee”. Isn’t this a twist this website have a fee, but it does provide a good service online. Love to know (2012).  A wide variety of auto accessories including performance, exterior, engine dress-up, and lighting merchandise for cars, trucks and SUVs”. You can “search by vehicle or by brand and there is a to help you make your part purchasing easierLove to know (2012) – “Find your perfect car, and browse a large collection of auto-related pages including aftermarket parts, auto repair, auto loans, car buying, car maintenance, and driving and safety”.– “America’s #1 way to buy cars online” is now partnered with Get prices on new cars and search over 50,000 used car listings”. The website also has “anti-theft product, auto accessories and vehicle history reports too”. Love to know (2012)

Buying a Car With Bad Credit – It’s Possible

Buying a car with bad credit is possible but your choices may be limited. However, if you have enough money for a down payment, buying a car with bad credit should not be that big of a problem.

  • Research/Homework

Allocate enough time for this process. You have bad credit, so you will be visiting a few car dealerships.  Decide on a model that will best suit your needs.  It is wise to have a variety of choices of cars to choose from.  Think about getting a good quality used car; the maintenance would be less of a hassle.

  •  Financing

Getting a co-signer is often the right solution. It not only allows you to get the loan at a good interest rate, but also helps you improve your credit score. Keep in mind that if the signer fails to pay the monthly payments, the bank will go after the co-signer. If you are unable to get a co-signer, more than likely you will have to go for a high risk loan option. This type of loan is extended by a creditor who will charge a higher rate of interest in return for taking a chance on someone with less than perfect credit. Car dealerships usually have in-house financing, but you may end up paying a very high interest rate and/or make a high down payment.

  •  Where to Purchase

Search around for car dealerships that display the down payment on the car already. Usually, the best time for you to purchase will be around the end of the year. Towards the end of the year, car dealers are looking to get rid of their older models to make way for newer models. Banks will also work with you to get you pre-approved but you will be paying a higher interest rate.

  •  Prices

Prepare a budget and stay within it. Even though some car dealerships will lower the down payment, it’s important to remember the monthly payments, the down payment, your loan (if pre-approved), insurance and continuous car maintenance.

  • Negotiations

You will not have much wiggle room here. However, you have researched the finance rate from a loan institution, the price value of the car, the interest rate and the model of the car you wish to purchase. This still gives you the upper hand. You will have the confidence to walk into any dealership and be able to use the little bargaining room you have to try and get the best deal possible.

  •  Closing

Check the details of the contract, loan and warranty. Put a line through the things you do not need. This is important because you do not want to end up paying more than you can afford. After you’ve received a price you are comfortable with, inspect your car; check for dents, scratches, etc. If you’re paying for floor mats, make sure they’re added to the car. Once satisfied, give your John Hancock and take your keys. You are ready for the road in your used car.

Purchasing Car After Bankruptcy Discharge – How To

Bankruptcy discharge releases a debtor from personal liability for certain specified types of debts. In other words, the debtor is no longer required to pay any debts that are discharged. This permanent order prohibits the creditors of the debtor from taking any form of collection action on discharged debts including telephone calls, letters, and personal contact. The process of bankruptcy discharge begins with a 341 meeting of creditors. During this meeting the debtor is placed under oath and asked questions regarding assets and liabilities. The creditors are invited to this meeting but very rarely do they attend. Within 10 days of the 341 meeting a trustee will report to the court whether the petition should be considered an abuse of the bankruptcy code. The creditor has 60 days after the 341 meeting to file an objection to the bankruptcy petition. If the creditor contests, the debtor may have to appear in court.

The duration of a discharge depends on the type of bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can to take 60 to 90 days and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can take up to 3 years. Finally, a bankruptcy clerk will issue a discharge order to the debtor, creditor, the trustee on the case and the US Trustee. The order informs the creditor that the debtor no longer owes the debt and any attempt to collect is a violation of a court order. After filing for bankruptcy all is not lost. A person can repair their credit and be able to buy a car if they practice good financial habits and are willing to take some difficult steps. The first thing one should do is begin the process of rebuilding their credit. Start by calling 10 local banks and explain to them that you have filed for bankruptcy, received your discharge and would like to apply for new credit. Ask them if they can qualify you for an unsecured credit card.

If not, request a secured credit card. A secured credit card requires you to keep the equivalent of the card’s limit on deposit with the card’s issuer. So a secured card with a $250 limit requires you to deposit $250 with the bank that issued it. You will get the $250 back once you close the account in good standing. An unsecured credit card does not the have the same restrictions. This is the line of credit that is most commonly offered. You should also make sure that your account is reported to the major credit agencies. Once you receive your card make sure to use it at least once a month and pay the balance in full every time.

It is possible to buy a car after you have begun the process of rebuilding your credit; in fact entering in to a car loan is the best way to rebuild credit after bankruptcy. Start by doing research with local dealerships. Inform them of your situation and make sure you have a copy of the order of discharge. Many dealerships now have special financing departments or credit rebuilding programs and are willing to work with you. Your bankruptcy attorney may also be of some assistance. They often have a list of dealerships that will work with someone who just filed bankruptcy. The attorney would send a letter to the dealership letting them know that the bankruptcy has been through the court and any new bills cannot be added so the dealer is safe from debts being cancelled. Also once the bankruptcy is official you may start to receive offers in the mail from local dealerships to buy a new or used car.




Buying A Car After Bankruptcy Discharge- How To

Once you have fallen down the rabbit hole so to speak and have had to go through bankruptcy proceedings, there are ways to rebuild your credit and be able to finance a new or used car purchase.Here are some avenues that you can take to accomplish this goal even though some of them will not happen overnight and take time to implement.  Remember, the financial mess did not happen overnight. Plan for your monthly expenses.  Even though you may have discharged most of, if not all of your long term debt, you need to create a budget so you can know what you can afford to spend.  Create an emergency savings account to ensure that you are never late on any of your bills.  This will keep you on the straight and narrow.

A secured credit card can ease you back into the good graces of the lending community.  After making on time payments for a while, some lenders may consider you an acceptable risk.   Just make sure that your payments are always on time so you can rebuild your credit history and raise your credit score.  You must also pay all of your other monthly obligations on time as well.  Doing this consistently is what will raise your credit score Finding someone who is willing to be co-signer for you can be difficult, but is not impossible.  The person that you select must have a high credit score to qualify for the loan. Although you must make the payments, if you fail to do so, the lender will come after the co-signer to make good on the loan.  They do have the risk of having their credit damaged if you default and they cannot make the payments themselves.

Consider paying a high interest rate.   It will cost you much more than if you have a market priced loan, but you will be rebuilding your credit at the same time.  This method averages you about 3or 4 percent more on the interest rate due to your poor credit history, but will allow you to not depend upon anyone else. The saying is “cash talks”.  How about coming in with a big down payment?  Just save your nickels and dimes until you have enough green backs to make it worth their while to want to do business with you.  Have at least 10 or 20 percent of the cost to finance a new car purchase.  It’s not a guaranteed deal, but you may be able to make your case and drive out of the showroom.

Time can be your best ally.  Put your purchase on hold for 2 years.  After you have made timely payments for 24 months, lenders look at you in a different light.  They typically go back this far in your credit history when considering you for a loan.  You will need to have at least 2 secured credit card accounts on your credit report to enable you to qualify for a low cost interest rate auto loan.  The longer an account is open, the more points that accrue to improve your score.

Buying A Car – Prior To Recent Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can lead to several problems in the future and the present. With the economy the way it is and the double dip recession, it is becoming more common for people declaring bankruptcy. However, if you do go bankrupt, and you need something such as buying a car that does not mean you cannot purchase a car. There are several methods to be able to purchase a car after bankruptcy. One option is not to buy a new car, but to buy a used car. Buying a used car can save you a lot of money. New cars are normally not cheap. A new car at the bear minimum with no additional luxuries could be as cheap as twelve thousand dollars. However, a used car can be very cheap, a couple of thousand dollars and sometimes even less. Another unspoken fact with purchasing a new car is once a new car has been driven off the lot, it looses a significant percentage of its paid value.

This could be money saved in your pocket if you had purchased a used car. Used cars can be found at the dealer, online, on the side of the road with a “for sale” sign, and almost anywhere that new cars are offered. There are even auctions. At an auction repossessed cars are sold for cheap prices. However, many times, auctions only allow the method of payment to be in cash and paid in full. This leads to an important question, what is the best method of paying the car off? A car loan is one such method. Banks, online services, and companies across the nation offer flexible terms with loans. If this is a path that you are seriously considering there is a caveat. You are the borrower when getting a car loan and many times the terms are not as beneficial to you as may be presented. If you decide to go online make sure not to get sucked into a scam. Make sure you understand the rates offered by the lender and all the paper work thoroughly. Yes, you want to purchase a car, and it could very well be a necessity, however do not put yourself in a vulnerable situation that will regress your financial situation.

Getting a car loan is an added finance. If you remain disciplined with the car payments and understand all the terms presented by the lender, you could kill two birds with one stone. A car loan with structured regular payments cannot only get you a car but can help in re-establishing your credit. Another option after no less than six months of making payments on time and in full is to refinance the car. After six months of disciplined payments your credit rating will improve at which point the rates for your car loan can decrease. This could help in making the payments easier for you. If for some reason you are hesitant that you may not be able to make even a single car payment down the road, car loans may not be for you. Another less risky method is paying with cash.

Saving up enough cash to pay the car off either in one lump sum or over several payments is a viable option. This may take some time to save, however, it avoids having to deal with your subpar credit. If the cash option is appropriate, you still must stay disciplined and not spend the cash elsewhere. There are several options that are available for purchasing a car after bankruptcy. Not all is lost after bankruptcy. The important thing is to figure out which option is best for you and to stay disciplined with the payment(s).


Buying A New Car – Buying A Car After Recent Bankruptcy

So you’d like to buy a car, but you’ve just filed for bankruptcy—where do you begin? Believe it or not, you have several different options. In today’s economy, more people have declared bankruptcy, so more solutions have been developed. Chances are you have a connection to at least one person who has filed for bankruptcy. So throughout this whole process it is important to remember, you are not alone; though it may seem more difficult, people do live full lives after recent bankruptcy. Now, on to your first investment: buying a car. First, make your decision to buy a new or used car. Think about what you are looking for in a vehicle and your budget—most importantly, your budget. Now is not the time to splurge on a new fancy car if you are not yet financially stable.

Next is the process of financing your car. Though a bankruptcy is commonly believed to be a deal-breaking blemish to financing your car, there are still many options. If you are able to get a co-signer with good credit, getting a loan will be no problem. Getting a loan can also be a valuable step in rebuilding your own credit. If you do not want to take out a loan or are unable to get someone to co-sign for you, use your recent bankruptcy to your advantage. After filing for certain types of bankruptcy, you cannot re-file for another 6-10 years so the bank or dealership feels more secure that they will be definitely getting their money from you. When working with a dealership directly, remember to negotiate. Go into the process with figures in your head and stick to them; do not let yourself get talked into something you cannot afford just because it sounds appealing at the moment.

While looking into cars, if going to a dealership, there are often established programs for people with credit issues or recent bankruptcies. First, call around to your local dealerships and inquire about their “Special Financing Department”. This department deals with cases looking to finance cars beyond standard situations. Additionally, some dealerships offer credit rebuilding programs. These programs not only work with you in financing your car, but also help build your credit substantially.

When looking to buy a car after a recent bankruptcy, it is important to remember that you have options and to explore those options before deciding to buy your car. While you should not have your credit checked at every place you go (each check lowers your credit score), never feel the need to settle just because you have declared bankruptcy. Just like those with perfect credit, there are many dealerships and independent sellers experienced with bankruptcies and will work with you.

Buying A Car – After Bankruptcy Discharge

It’s a common misconception that after filing for bankruptcy that you’ll never be able to purchase a car again. You may not be able to find anything other than yesterdays news because your ability to get a car loan. It is true that people who have filed for bankruptcy usually choose to buy used cars. There is the powerful allure of a convenient and speedy exchange of cash to avoid extended payments and higher insurance rates. Despite the immediate gratification, one should consider the simplicity of rebuilding credit through car payments after bankruptcy.

The truth of the matter is that next to anyone can get a car loan. Many people would be willing to lend you money, crooked or not. For them it is a win/win situation, after receiving your notification of discharge you can be sure to receive letters from all types of lenders who want to offer their services. However one should test the water before jumping back in with both feet. A major advantage in buying a car after bankruptcy is doing business through a dealership. There is a greater understanding of quid pro quo in dealerships. Finance should come easy after you and the dealer have a mutual goal. A dealership might be a little more lenient after all you want to buy a car, and they want to sell one.

Taking that into consideration dealerships usually have experience and various lenders they work with. The lenders that work with theses dealerships may be more willing to work with you. You may be able to cherry pick between lenders due to the advice and word of a trusted middleman. That’s not to say that you can’t trust other sources of lending it’s often seen that credit unions are more than willing to make loans for the bankrupt but only if they appear to be on the “right track”. Community banks might be another good place to try because of the familiarity factor. But the reality of the situation is that you will likely find satisfaction while working with Car Dealerships.

Before you go on your merry way to apply for some credit to get your car, you should do a couple of things starting with establishing credit. It is important for lenders to see that you still under the concept of lending. Start small, with purchases that are a necessity for example groceries. That way you won’t forget to about making your payments. Search for deals, before just settling for any car because it is appealing do some research. You may often find with a little more research you can get the same model car for cheaper. You may also find many rebates that can help put a little cash back into your pocket yet most of them don’t last long so it pays to be vigilant and attentive.

It also pays to have a clean driving record. The cleaner the better, having an intact driving record suggests responsibility and pride. It also makes dealers and lenders more comfortable with the fact that their collateral (your car) wont return as damaged goods and harder to sell. So try to keep a clean driving record to secure a loan and better relationship with lenders. Many consider the task of buying a car after bankruptcy near impossible. However if you take into consideration this bit of simple advice this might make driving again a real option. You don’t need to settle for less if you are willing to put in the work and dedication.