Car textile floor mats are always a good choice

If you drive your car frequently, it would certainly be a good idea to have some mats for your car. They are particularly amazing and a functional addition, and can also be a great decorative element. There are two types of car floor mats on the market today, car textile floor mats and mats made of rubber. Among them there are many differences, but some of these differences may be crucial in making your final choice when it comes to the purchase of your floor mat. For many, this is simply a matter of personal preferences but it is always a good idea to get as many information as possible before you make your choice and make your purchase.

Car textile floor mats have an important disadvantage

When comparing textile mats for your car with the rubber one, one can see many advantages but also some disadvantages. Let’s start with the cons, and one deficiency that is most often mentioned when it comes to this type of car mats is that they are more difficult to clean. Car textile floor mats can be made from woven textiles of different density. But when the dirt goes deep into the pores, it is very difficult to clean. The most effective way to clean it is with the use of a vacuum cleaner. If we compare it with the rubber car mats, which are in most cases cleaned only with water, it is clear why this is the biggest drawback for car textile floor mats. It is obvious how cleaning a textile floor mat takes up so much more of your time and you have to clean it more often. But when you think about your car the way you think about your house, as a living space then cleaning is something you should be doing on a regular basis anyway. That comparison might seem odd at first but some people, especially those who use their car for work or have to travel far to get to work spend a shocking amount of time in their car so you can easily say that their car has become as important to them as the space where they live. So, hygiene should not be a matter of choice but a good habit and car textile floor mats are not an inconvenience but an accessory which offers comfort and style.

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CarExpenses is a web application that provides a simple and yet effective way to track all your vehicle related expenses like refuels, maintenance, repairs and more.

You must be spending a considerable amount of money per month on your car. In fact, you are spending money on fuel, car maintenance services and to repair the issues. Did you ever want to check how much you spend on the car every month? Then Car Expenses is the best option available out there for you. It can be considered as a simple and an effective method available for the modern world car owners to track all their vehicle related expenses.


The unique and impressive features that can be found in Car Expenses have contributed a lot towards its popularity. Tracking refuel expenses can be considered as one of the most prominent features that can be found in Car Expenses. You can update your account whenever you pump fuel to your car. You can also enter other related information such as the exact location where you pumped fuel. Then you will be able to use the recorded data for analysis purposes. In other words, you will be able to track the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and check how it changes along with time. Likewise, you can record the vehicle maintenance expenses on Car Expenses app as well.

Most of the people forget when the regular vehicle maintenance because of their busy schedules. It is not good for your car and you should look for a convenient method to remember the next maintenance due. Car Expenses app can assist you in that kind of a situation. You will be able to get reminders on the regular maintenance that you need to do in order to keep the car healthy and running. This will keep you away from costly repairs as well. You can use this app to create checkpoints on all the events that are related to your car. Or else, you will be able to use this feature to get more accurate mileage results on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Car Expenses app is ideal for people who go on long distance journeys as well. If you have given your car for a rental service, you will be able to use the information recorded in this app to determine whether your investment is worth or not. Or else, you can simply share your car with others and let them use the Car Expenses app to record their details when they use the vehicle. This app would be the centralized place to record all the expenses of your vehicle.

In case if you sell your vehicle, you will be able to transfer the maintenance records from the app itself. This can increase your vehicle resale value as well because the new buyer will be able to get a clear view of all the maintenance records. If you travel in between countries, you can use the multi-currency option that is facilitated through the app. Last but not least, you can import or export data from Car Expenses app and use them for many different purposes.