Mass Flywheel

There is a case where the reciprocating piston engines produce rotating vibrations in the flywheel, which are caused by the lack of continuity in the development of combustion. This is why the dual mass flywheel prevents these rotating vibrations from increasing, passing through the motor path and causing damage such as resonance oscillations.

These oscillations are shown externally in the form of annoying sounds. Summing up the sounds and the oscillations, together with a kind of rattle in the gear changes, the tremor of the body and some vibrations caused by the alternative load of the engine, brings as a consequence a discomfort in sounds and would not allow comfort to the time to drive our car.

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Wheel caps and their importance

This refers to the disk on the car wheel that that is fitted at the center part of the wheel. Initially, this decorative disc used to be small and was used to prevent dirt from entering the spindle nut or the wheel bearings of cars. Generally, the center caps are found on new automobiles and safeguards the lug nuts and bearing. This article will examine this tool along with the lug nuts. Continue reading “Wheel caps and their importance”

How to Buy the Quality Steel Wheels?

When you are purchasing car wheels, it is best to choose steel wheels and alloy wheels. While the alloy wheels are much lighter, they cannot compete with the durability and strength of steel wheels. Even if alloy wheels are the common choice for most car manufacturers, many car enthusiasts choose steel wheels because of their reduced strength and cost.

Steel wheels are much heavier compared to alloy wheels, weighing 3 times more. It makes them a great option for shoppers wanting to enjoy savings when replacing the wheels of their vehicles. Their heavy weight lowers the gravity’s center of the car, yet it isn’t ideal for those who want a car with acceleration and agility. On the bright side, the extra weight makes the car more controllable during winter conditions. When looking for steel wheels, buyers must check out the available options before making their final decision. They must also learn the different widths and diameters, how such differences relate to one another and how to purchase steel wheels. Continue reading “How to Buy the Quality Steel Wheels?”

Which are important auto body parts?

What is the most important part of a car? Well, before answering that question, you must know what it is made of. From the face value, a car is made of plastic glass and metal. But is that all? What really makes a car? In order of significance, the engine, transmission, suspension, and the body forms an auto.

The Engine

Indisputably, this is the most important part of a car. Put differently, it is the heart of an automobile. Without it, a car is a dead body. The purpose of this part is to transform fuel into motion so that the vehicle can move.

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An intercooler is a heat exchanger that serves to cool air compacted by either a supercharger or a Turbo Charger. It is fixed in between the path of air from the turbo or supercharger to the car. From the knowledge of the Gas law, we know that pressure and temperature are directly proportional and therefore increasing pressure is as well as increasing temperature, something detrimental. Let us examine this in details.

Extremely high temperature can be detrimental to your car engine in at least two ways. Firstly, hot air is less dense and as a result, it has a reduced amount of molecules of oxygen per unit volume. This translates to less air for the auto in a certain stroke and thus reduced power output. Secondly, hot air causes result in higher cylinder temperatures. This, in turn, facilitates pre-detonation of the incineration series. An intercooler helps in keeping air pressure at a modest level. A motor is safe with a relatively colder charge which boosts its power as well. Continue reading “Intercoolers”

Ideal solution for the inside of your car

Car floor mats protect the floor of your car, keeping it in the best shape for as long as possible and therefore, the overall value of your car lasts longer. Your car does not lose on its value as time goes by. Rubber car floor mats should, with its size, be perfectly tailored to fit the inside of your car and should be safely placed on the floor of your car before you even turn the engine on.

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3 Reasons To Choose A VW As Your Next Car

When it comes to choosing your next car, there are lots of things to think about and it can be a difficult decision to make, especially with so many different options on the market to choose from.

There are more manufacturers than in the past, cars are cheaper than ever, and the technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the past few years, making it hard to distinguish between all the different makes and models available.

So, which one do you choose?

Whilst a Volkswagen may not be your top choice after all the negative press recently, we still think its a pretty good option for your next car so, with that in mind, we’ve found three reasons to choose a VW next time around.


Although most of us tend to get bogged down with the aesthetic side of things, safety should always be your number one priority when choosing a new car at the end of the day and, in this respect, VWs are at the top of their field.

Volkswagen receives consistently high safety ratings from the European car safety assessment programme in Brussels, Euro NCAP, which is determined on various vehicle safety tests that represent real-life accident scenarios.

In these tests, VWs have consistently come out on top, with three out of seven of the Best in Class cars of 2017 being Volkswagens, with more cars in the top spots than any other manufacturer.

Similarly, the inclusion of VW cars in these tests in itself is a testament to their popularity with consumers, as cars are selected for testing based on their popularity in the market.


Another great reason to choose a VW for your next car is the improvements the manufacturer is making to become more sustainable.

We spoke to VW Motor Parts, a leading retailer of Volkswagen components, who said: “In a world constantly threatened by climate change and with countries working towards a more sustainable future, it follows suit that car manufacturers must also work to become more sustainable.

“And, whilst most manufacturers have taken a tentative step in this direction, VW is actively improving its technology to become more eco-friendly. From producing whole electric and hybrid car ranges, including the e-Golf and the Passat GTE hybrid, to improving the functionality of individual components to perform at their absolute best, Volkswagen is leading the way in sustainability.”

Great value

Finally, another huge consideration when choosing your next car is the price and, again, VWs are top of the field here.

Volkswagen has prided itself on providing luxury cars without the luxury price tags from their beginning, offering consumers great value for money in comparison to competitors.

Many of their higher end models start at a lower price than the entry-level models of more expensive manufacturers, with a VW Up! coming in at almost £500 cheaper than a similar hatchback from Ford.

Similarly, according to this article from WhatCar?, VW models retain above average value compared to their competitors, making them a great choice for a long-term investment.

Steel wheel rims may tend to get dented over time but they can be easily repaired. And since they are made of steel, rest assured that they can last indefinitely. Read more…

Do you know how blind spot monitoring system work? It is pivotal for driver’s safety so check this out!

Do you know how blind spot monitoring system work? It is pivotal for driver’s safety so check this out!-Brought to you by PartsAvatar Car Mirrors Online.

Car manufacturers are upgrading their safety equipments day by day. How many times have you been warned for wrongly changing the lanes, without considering blind spots? Proper maintenance is very important of your car. Upgrade auto body parts online at our online auto parts store and save big today!

Blind spot monitoring systems are one of the popular safety techniques that warn the driver of upcoming vehicle outside their usual range of visibility while changing lanes.

Most of us don’t know much about this system’s working. So, lets read it out in here!

Blind spot monitoring system

Many drivers don’t actually understand the meaning of blind spot. The areas that lie outside of a vehicle, that a driver is not able to detect or see are called blind spots. Help watch your back comfortably by relying on blind spot monitoring system.

Blind spot monitoring system works on two different technologies namely active blind spot monitoring and passive blind spot monitoring. The active BSPs are usually found in vehicles. They have a sensor or a detection device on rear bumper, so that it captures the image and warn you of any object coming too close in blind spot.

Talking about passive BSPs, they are easily available at any auto parts store and there is a convex mirror in the corner of your current external rear view mirror that can see into areas where normal rear view mirror cannot reach. Results show that customers are comfortable with these radar based passive blind spot monitoring systems because they get rid of annoying blinking on the mirrors in the previous case.

Basically in a blind spot monitoring system, a variety of sensors, cameras are used in order to get the information of the object that a driver cant see. But some blind spot monitoring systems are so advanced now a days that can easily differentiate between a car and a human. Based on their results, the sensors will alert you of the found object.

Why use it?

What if you want to change the lanes and you cant see any car coming behind you? If you are unable to know, you wont be safely able to switch the lanes. What will alert you of the object that is not in your visual range?

The blind spot sensors sense the car coming up in your blind spot behind or alongside you, and if your turn signal is on, it alerts you not to change lanes. There are various types of warning signals given by BPS like vibration on steering wheel, flashing light on side view mirror etc.

When a vehicle enters one of the zones an alert appears on the side view mirror face. Some manufacturers place the alerts on the inside of the front roof pillar nearest the mirror or on adjacent window frame.

Blind spot detection was developed by Volvo to track the traffic behind them as well as what is coming alongside. The alert stays active until the car in the adjacent lane is in front of you, or at least directly alongside and you would have to be blind not to see it.

Different Names

Blind spot monitoring system is a technology that was introduced by Volvo a decade ago. Blind spot monitoring is not known by the same name for different manufactures.

Auto giants have manipulated the terminology. For instance some auto makers call this BSM technique as blind spot information system, blind spot monitoring, blind spot detection etc though the name depicts the same technology i.e. blind spot monitoring system.

Ford, Volvo and Lincoln call it BLIS while Audi mentions it as Side assist. Similarly, general motors’ call it side blind zone alert, Hyundai mentions it as lane change assist and Infiniti calls it Blind spot warning.

So, every auto company have their own terminology for blind spot monitoring system with almost similar mechanism and working.

Limitations of BSP

Blind spot monitoring systems only get active for the speed above 20 mph. So, it is basically meant to be used on rushy highways rather than using it on streets. There is one more thing to be noted, if you have got a blind spot monitoring system installed which audibly alerts you, it will only work with the turn signal on.

So, if you don’t activate your car’s turn signal or indicator, your audible blind spot won’t be active. Make sure that you don’t fully rely on this technology. Use your brain, be alert, maintain some space between your and other car’s so that no accident could occur.

What cars have blind spot detection sensors installed?

Ford and Volvo which is actually the originator of this technique, have deployed this sensor based system in almost every car that dispatches from their unit to provide the driver with a warning if a vehicle enters his blind spot while he is changing lanes. In Volvo’s latest model, this technology along with steering assist can warn the SUV if it detects that you are about to hit other vehicle while changing lanes.

It is an advanced safety technology that is a must in today’s modern cars and SUVs because with increased traffic on road, we need more safety on our rear end. Who will do that the best? You know your answer, right?

Its like a competition in innovating or enhancing this technology. Like Toyota, have added braking assist with this technology. How will it work? For instance, if you are backing out of a parking spot and at the same time another vehicle is approaching you, this system will alert you of the threat. But if you cant detect the warning, the brakes will be automatically applied before you hit the vehicle.

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Car Roof Rack is an essential addition to your car

Car roof rack mainly consist of rods which are mounted on top of the car and on it you can store various accessories, from roof boxes, holders for bikes and many other things. There are no universal roof rails and they vary from one model of the car to the other, so the market today has a very wide selection to choose from. That is no surprise since there is never enough space in the cars today for all the luggage and other belongings that we would like to take with us.

To make more room in the car, more and more car owners use the roof of the car to transport things and in this way they make more space.  It is a very common thing to see a roof box, a bicycle or even skis on top of a moving car. Because of car roof rack, it is possible now to carry all of these items, and they will be perfectly secure. All you have to do it purchase the one that suit your car model, if one was not built into your car when you purchased it.

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Rubber floor mats make your car look better

It is true. Not only that rubber floor mats protect our car carpets from moisture, dirt and gravel, but they also enhance the look and feel of our vehicle. A proper floor mat adds that extra finishing touch to your car’s interior that refreshes how the interior looks. This is also handy when you are selling your vehicle because you can make the car look more stylish with little effort.

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