NASCAR lets IndyCar star take laps around ROVAL at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Newly-crowned IndyCar star, Josef Newgarden, laid down several quick laps with the fastest being about 67.2 seconds around the famed Charlotte Motor Speedway ROVAL during an exhibition run ahead of this weekend’s NASCAR event.

Fresh off of winning the IndyCar title last week at Laguna Seca, Newgarden, who drives for Penske Racing, was all smiles as he prepared for his revolutionary run. It was part of a celebration for the Penske camp because Joey Logano and Newgarden are reining champs in the nation’s two top racing genres. And the cross-promotion put a lot of eyes on the track as NASCAR stars and open-wheelers alike, watched the spectacle.

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Wеt N Wаѕh

Taking уоur car tо thе car wash саn be expensive аnd at thе same tіmе wаѕtіng with thе еxсеѕѕ waiting іn lіnе. Wеt N Wаѕh wаtеr ѕрrау ѕуѕtеm іѕ dеѕіgnеd tо ԛuісklу wash уоur vеhісlе wіthоut wаѕtіng much оf уоur vаluаblе time. It is a foldable mеtаl аrсh аnd wаtеr ѕрrау ѕуѕtеm thаt quickly washes уоur vеhісlеѕ in уоur driveway or аnуwhеrе wіth a nearby wаtеr ѕоurсе.

Wеt N Wash іѕ еаѕу tо ѕеt uр аѕ іt trаnѕfоrm the сhоrе оf wаѕhіng уоur саr іntо a fun аnd ԛuісk еxреrіеnсе. Simply ѕеt uр the fоldаblе аrсh, аttасh іt tо a wаtеr source lіkе a hоѕе, аnd gеt аn еvеn ѕрrау wash every tіmе. It’ѕ easier, сhеареr, аnd mоrе fun. Yоu wоn’t have tо wаѕtе a ton оf wаtеr and hаvе a соmрlеtеlу soaked drіvеwау. Wet N Wаѕh еffісіеntlу wаѕhеѕ thе саr bу dіѕtrіbutіng аn еvеn ѕрrау thrоugh thе аrсh ѕрrауеrѕ.

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What’s the easiest way to import your car to the UK?

Content: Importing your car into the can seem like a daunting task. There are a plethora of steps involved in getting your car there and registered ready to use within the United Kingdom. 

The first step involved is really to work out whether or not importing your car is worth it. Sometimes it might be cheaper to just buy a new car here. It’s worth investigating the value of the car in comparison to others already in the United Kingdom. 

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What is the role of the parameters of the miniature car headlight bulb?

When we buy the lights, the first one will consider which model of the car needs to be purchased. When you buy it on the website, there will be a variety of H1 models, but we will find that the price is different. The parameters are different. We now know the importance of the lights, so we are more and more cautious about the choice of lights. However, for us, the selection of the lights is still “inaccessible”, especially for the level of the lamp parameters marked by the manufacturer is at a level of ignorance, or even completely incomprehensible. So let’s learn about the parameters of the lamp parameters together, in order to facilitate the selection of suitable and satisfactory lights. Every time we buy, we definitely want to have a happy experience, so we only have to know more, we can choose more accurate, right? What are the reference parameters?

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Automotive Industry’s Spokesman of the Year

In a competitive industry such as the auto industry many automakers rely on a special breed of talent known as the spokesmen. These spokesmen are charged with raising brand awareness about the auto manufactures vehicles. We as a magazine like to recognize those spokesmen though rare who rise to celebrity status among the auto industry. This year’s choice is widely recognized in the luxury auto industry as their go to spokesman.

Car Magazine recognizes a spokesperson that has excelled in raising brand awareness for auto brands they represent. We are pleased to announce that Giacomo Miketta is our choice for Automotive Spokesman of the year for our Magazine. Miketta is the Spokesman for several luxury auto brands including Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and Maserati. We took special note that Miketta has raised each of the car brands market awareness and engagement both on social media, print media and through his personal appearances on their behalf.

Miketta has appeared on Arab TV for Bentley, recently represented Lamborghini at the Geneva International Motor Show where he unveiled their new Hurracan Performante Spyder. Porsche like Lamborghini recognized Miketta’s impact and secured him to represent them in their Porsche Designs division. Miketta has appeared in Lamborghini’s video announcing their partnership with Samsung VR, the video can be seen on Lamborghini’s website. As an auto magazine covering the automotive industry, we could not help but recognized like the automakers Miketta’s unique ability to raise brand awareness for the automotive industry’s most desired brands. This is one of many reasons why we named him, Spokesman of the year.

You can follow Miketta on his Instagram: @giacomo.miketta

PR and Business inquiries should be directed to his agency:

How to Start an Auto Car Blog that Makes Money

Does the idea of starting a website or blog on your favorite cars and automobiles get you excited? If so, then you should definitely invest some time and learning about how to get started with a car blog of your own.

The great news is that there are little to no technical skills required if you want to start a blog. This can be done simply by setting up a domain name and web hosting, and then installing WordPress and going live with your site.

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Here’s the list of terrifying vehicle manufacturing defects that jolted automotive world!!

Here’s the list of terrifying vehicle manufacturing defects that jolted automotive world!!- Brought to you by PartsAvatar auto parts Toronto.

There have been various incidents that marred the automotive industry. The history has witnessed various defects that have triggered the auto giants to recall their vehicles. Let’s have a look at some of the manufacturing defects!

Toyota’s unintended acceleration

Toyota and Toyota auto parts are well known in auto market for its safety and reliability. But it caused terrific accidents when its speed suddenly increased on its own causing 31 incidents of death due to the same reason.

At first Toyota tried to blame it on drivers. But in 2012, after years of denial, Toyota agreed to pay U.S. Government $1.2 billion to avoid prosecution.

After blaming drivers, it suggested that floor mats were impeding the return of gas pedal. It also issued a recall in 2009, to fix the floor mats. But in reality company was hiding documents that showed issue with gas pedal.

Three years later, Toyota admitted that it mislead the public and recalled 9.3 million vehicles worldwide.

Ford Fire escape

In 2013, Ford Escape had fuel lines that were cracking and spilling gasoline onto the engine, which, eventually lead to engine misfiring.

That time, Ford Company had to recall Escape’s 11,500 models and luckily no one was hurt.

Firestone tires disaster

For tires, Ford partnered with Firestone which had been its preferred tire supplier for nearly a century. In 1990s, Firestone made a boatload of faulty tires with tread that separated from the steel belts. But it set off a nationwide panic and drove home just how prone to rollovers the high riding trucks really were.

Faced with responsibility of 100 deaths, Tire Company Firestone recalled 6.5 million tires, blaming heat, low tire pressure and Ford Explorer’s weight and handling characteristics for accidents.

After millions of dollars were paid out by both Ford and Firestone after cross accusations in lawsuits, neither company has taken full responsibility.

Ford’s cruise control conflagration

Ford made headlines when issued recall of Ford cruise control which included 14 million vehicles that made it company’s largest recall ever.

The cruise control deactivation switches were made by Texas instruments and can overheat; creating fire hazards even after vehicle has been switched off. Cruise control came forward as a major warning sign of failure along with other signs like unusual activation of brake lights and difficulty while parking.

GM’s engine- mounts meltdown

The engine mounts in a slew of GM cars with big, burly V8 engines would give way. So, the engine would twist under the hood, causing the car to accelerate when you really didn’t want it to.

This was one of the earliest recalls.

Ford Pinto Recall

One of the most famous recalls of all time involved the 1971 to 1975 Ford Pinto which was recalled in 1978 because the gas tank could rupture in the event of a rear end collision.

Pinto was designed to take on the rising tide of imports that had come to dominate the entry level market. But Pinto had a flaw in which the fuel tank could be pushed forward against an unprotected bolt, rupturing the tank and fuel filter neck could be pulled free of the tank hence spilling fuel in a rear end collision. Ford knew it all but did not take any step because it would have been too expensive to modify the system.

They crunched the numbers and realized it was cheaper to pay settlements to people who were injured or killed by the defect than it was to redesign the fuel tank and do a recall to replace it.

Chevy’s engine mount recall

In 1969, national highway traffic and safety administration (NHTSA) received a report that engine mounts used on 1965 to 1969 full size Chevrolets could collapse, engine torque causing the motor to rise up against the hood causing unintended acceleration.

It had received the report of 172 mount failure, 63 accidents and 18 injuries.

Audi Pioneer’s unintended acceleration

In 1986 was into its way before Toyota for unintended acceleration. CBS accused Audi 5000 to suddenly accelerate. The drivers would shift out of park and relax while suddenly the car will take off on its own.

Audi recalled the cars three times in 1982, 1983 and 1987. After selling more than 75000 cars in the U.S. in 1985, sales showed to 12000 cars in 1991.

Takata Airbags

The Takata airbag recall involved 10 of world’s biggest automakers and at least 17 million cars sold around the world, is undoubtedly the recall action with the largest scope.

Some of those airbags could deploy explosively, injuring or even killing car occupants. The issue lies in the airbag’s inflator, a metal cartridge loaded with propellant wafers, which in some cases has ignited with explosive force.

If the inflator ruptures in a crash, metal shards from the airbag can be sprayed throughout the passenger cabin – a potentially disastrous outcome from a supposedly life saving device.

According to the New York Times, Takata and Honda both new about the issue but failed to report it to NHTSA. The U.S. government fines Honda $70 million and Takata $14000 for not cooperating in the investigation.

Volkswagen diesel engine software scandal

In September, the environmental protection agency (EPA) found that many VW cars being sold in America had a defeat device or software in diesel engines that could detect when they were being tested, changing the performance accordingly to improve results.

The German car giant has already admitted cheating emissions tests in the U.S.

As a result, diesel cars ended up polluting far more than other competitors. The whole mess cost $14.7 billion in the U.S. alone.

Can’t seem to find the right components for your vehicle? Auto body parts shopping starting to become a challenge? If the search for replacement parts is already giving you headaches, it’s time you stop looking elsewhere — try!

Summer is coming – Is your car ready for the tough time?

Summer is the most amazing season of the entire year. We all would live to enjoy this romantic weather outdoors with our loved ones, but there is someone in every home who doesn’t appreciate this season as it creates various problems. Cars have to go through a tough time during summers due to hot sun and increasing temperature and if you are living in an extremely hot area, then it’s better that you keep your vehicle prepared for the tough time. Make sure to conduct a thorough check and change car parts, if required, so your vehicle doesn’t end up at a junkyard with a bunch of smashed up parts hanging off of them.

During the winters, vehicle parts get damaged and hence they need to be changed before another tougher season. The summers can be a peak season for salvage yards because of it. Various components need to be replaced with aftermarket auto parts as head can cause issues with many of the systems of your vehicle such as the engine and transmission. So, of you want to keep your vehicle ready for the summers, here’s something that can be helpful for a stress free summer season.

Start with tires

Tires are the most sensitive part of your vehicle, not because they are prepared using poor quality material, but because they go through a really tough time and need extra care. And summer is the right time to swap your tires as they have been going through tough times during the winters. Tire and tire parts replacement can help your truck or car handle during the hot days of winters. However, once the snow and ice melt it can be detrimental. This is just a reminder to put your old summer tires back to their place on now that your car is navigating the hot streets during the sizzling summers.

With proper tire pressure and tires, your vehicle will handle better, be quicker, get better mileage and be more agile. If you simply want to get rid of the hassle of changing tires after every season, then consider replacing them with a set of nice all-season tires from a reliable supplier like Parts avatar Canada. It will save you from the hassle of taking the wheels and tires of your car or truck twice a year.

Check the A/C

Air conditioning systems need service after a certain period of time and it’s always better to get this done before the summers. After all, you don’t want to drive your car towards the workplace with hot air blowing through the A/C vent every time you try to make yourself comfortable with the cool breeze. If you are lucky, then just a simple recharge may take care of the issue and you can drive comfortably.

If you don’t want to reach your destination bathing with the sweat, it’s a good practice to run the A/C at least once every time you drive. Before the summers, check if the AC is working properly and also check if there are any strange noises or odour whenever the A/C is running. Don’t hesitate taking it to the professional, if there’s something strange that you feel with the car AC.

Cooling System


I know I have already explained how keeping your AC in a good condition can help enjoy a smooth drive during the summers, but giving attention to the car’s cooling system is also critical during this time of year.  Your car can experience great damage if it is not cooling properly.  Millions of used engines are sold every year that had their engine overheat.  During summers, this is the most common problem, which can also turn your daily driver into a junk car.  If everything is working great, then the car cooling system will keep your car operating around 200 degrees f, but if there’s something wrong then the temperatures can cause the coolant to reach up to 250 degrees, which ultimately increases the chances of overheating.

During winters your vehicle can survive the condition, but in summers you may put your car at great risk by not getting your cooling system checked. In fact, you should do this every couple of years.

Time for an oil change


Now that we are talking about the car maintenance and getting it prepared for the sizzling hot summers, how can the topic of oil change can be undermined as this helps your engine run smoother. Parsavtar Ontario offers great deals to the premium range of engine oils for almost every type of vehicle. Engine oil can help draw heat away from the engine. The used oil gets thinner and less effective at lubricating the engine. Engine oil change is required to be changed after a certain period, check your user manual for more. The user manual can better tell when your next service is scheduled.

Taking into account the above mentioned things helps your driving experience during the sizzling hot summers, while giving your vehicle a longer and better life as your vehicle is free from any poor health conditions. The better care you give to the vehicle, the smoother drive you enjoy throughout the year. Along with the above mentioned things, consider taking your vehicle to the local mechanic for regular health check and take required steps if any problem is diagnosed. Regular health check lets is beneficial for better health of your car, ensuring a comfortable drive with your loved ones.


Clutch Maintenance- How to Avoid Costly Repairs

You are aware that with the passage of time, all your car’s internal components will get damaged and then you will have to get them replaced or repaired as soon as possible. You can extend the life of your car’s engine, transmission and more by treating your car with care and carrying out all its maintenance on regular basis.

Now today let us read about the most troublesome component in the cars- the clutch. The performance and the lifespan of your clutch would totally depend upon the way your drive and the amount of maintenance you perform on it.

How does the clutch work?

All the cars which are operated manually have a clutch. A torque convertor is used in the automatic vehicles instead of clutch, and it requires a different level of maintenance. Whenever you turn ON your car, your car’s engine would constantly rotate even if the car is on standstill. The friction between the engine and the transmission is controlled by the clutch. It makes sure that the car engine operates without its wheels turning.

There is a large friction disc in the clutch that comes in contact with the engine’s wheel. If you will not press down the clutch pedal, then the movement would travel from the flywheel to the friction disc of the clutch, and then later to the transmission.

The friction disc of the clutch would be pulled away from the flywheel, when you will press down on the clutch. This would allow your car’s engine to rotate without transferring power to the transmission and onwards to the wheels.

Now you know that the clutch plays an important role in the car’s operation, so it is really important to treat it carefully. If you will use it carefully, then you can extend its use by 20,000 miles. On the other hand if you will use it recklessly, then its effective use would be cut in half.

The Clutch’s Friction Disc

The car clutch has various components which are important for the normal functioning of your car. The most common source of problem of the clutch is the friction disc which is connected with the flywheel and can wear out with the passage of time.

The role of the friction disc is really very simple. It transfers power from the engine to the gearbox. Imagine a giant brake pad that would connect with your engine to provide the friction required to transfer energy from the flywheel to the transmission.

The friction disc would press against the flywheel when the clutch pedal is released. Through this the clutch and the engine would start rotating at equal speed. When the clutch pedal is pressed down, the clutch is pulled back and friction is released.

When the friction disc is in direct contact with the flywheel, then it would constantly come in and out and then would eventually lead to wear and tear. If the friction disc would get worn down, then the clutch would slip and would rotate at the same speed as the flywheel.

The overall performance of the car would decline as the clutch doesn’t rotate at the same speed as the engine. It would prevent it from even being able to drive on an incline. Clutch slippage is a major problem and it would increase the amount of friction between the clutch and the flywheel. The problem would increase if you will not get this auto part replaced on time.

How to reduce clutch wear

Your car clutch would only wear when it is being engaged or disengaged. Its wear would be minimal if it is spinning at the same speed as the flywheel. Similarly, when the clutch is fully disengaged, its friction disc won’t come in to contact with the flywheel at all.

This shows that all the wear that your car clutch undergoes happens while it’s engaging or disengaging with the engine. Some extra wear would be caused on the friction disc of the clutch if you will press the clutch pedal suddenly. So you must change the gears carefully so that your clutch isn’t suddenly pressed or pulled away from the flywheel.

It is really very important to change into first gear carefully as all the major wear occurs in this specific gear. Make it a point to keep your car’s engine spinning as slow as possible and then you can gently take the pressure off the clutch pedal to start moving.

Is your clutch in need of repair or replacement?

For many drivers, the problems related to car clutches are uncommon. The reason behind this is that most of the modern clutches are designed to tolerate more than 75,000 miles of driving without any hassles. Thus, making clutch repairs and replacements a fairly rare expense for drivers.


The most serious problem that can arise in your car clutch is slipping- this type of problem is really easy for you to identify. There are many other problems which can affect your car clutch and would thus reduce your car’s overall performance. If your car clutch stops performing as it should actually do, then you must buy replacement parts online or can even take your car to any local garage to have it checked by a professional.

If some of your car parts are damaged and you wish to buy brand new ones, then you must visit our aftermarket store- We promise to provide you with the best quality of auto parts and other tools and accessories at economic prices.





How fulfilling it is to live a “green” eco-friendly lifestyle

From the recent studies, it has been identified that most of the people who live out there in the world are looking forward to live a “green” lifestyle. The benefits that they can experience through such a lifestyle have contributed a lot towards the above mentioned fact. Here is a list of factors that would justify how fulfilling it is to live a green eco-friendly lifestyle.

  1. It can help you save money

Adapting to a green lifestyle can help you save money in many different ways. For example, if you purchase an electric or a hybrid car, you will be able to receive insurance discounts and save a considerable amount of money that was meant to be spent on fuel. On the other hand, you can get solar panels installed at your home and you will be able to save money on your energy bills.

  1. It can benefit your health

By following an eco-friendly lifestyle, you would tend to consume food items that are minimally processed with chemicals. They have the ability to deliver a variety of benefits to your health. In fact, a green lifestyle can deliver health benefits to your entire body. Moreover, you would purchase products from the sustainable companies, which leave an extremely small amount of impact on the pollution. This can contribute a lot towards the quality of air that you breathe it. Continue reading “How fulfilling it is to live a “green” eco-friendly lifestyle”