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Do Women Really Dig Muscle Cars?

Do women actually dig muscle cars? It’s a question that has plagued many a man who has found himself in the possession of a great, sleek muscle car—whether it’s a high ends

Team Red Bull is the F1 Team to Beat

Before you read the article, let us mention that you do have the chance to see the Red Bull team at the Grand Prix Race in Austin, Tx. Lucky for our readers,

3 Quick Steps to Cleaning Your Seat Covers

Your car is your sanctuary. It’s the portal to your favorite hobby. It’s a source of instant joy for your pets. By using seat covers, you’re taking care of your car just

New and Second Hand Ford Figos Rescue the Automaker

The entry level car from the Ford Motor Company is one automobile that’s worth noting. The blue oval logo of Ford is increasingly become commonplace in the crowded roads of South Africa,

Car valeting in Surrey

There are certain misconceptions when it comes to a Car valeting service, mainly that your car will be driven by some teenage boy racer and that your car will be returned to

Firestone air bag kit

In case you were alive and driving a vehicle only a few decades before, the introduction of the air bag looked like a silly thing. Really? A firestone air bag kit could

VW Maglev Car Hoax

Invention is the fuel that keeps science on the move. Living in a rapidly changing world of amazing technology, we come across unbelievable discoveries and inventions each day. Although most of them

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