Faro travel tips and car rental

Faro is a very popular destination among Europeans from the north because it is sunny and warm throughout the year. It caters both people who simply want sun and fun during the high summer season and also those who want an authentic experience during the off-season.

There you can find many choices of car rental. Faro has direct connection to Lisbon by high-speed train twice a day in 2h 30min.

Faro is a good base if you want to explore more of southern Portugal – the Algarve region. There are many examples of Moorish architecture dating back more than 600 years.

As with many things in travel, renting a car beforehand is almost always cheaper. If you pre-book it, your car rental could cost you less than € 10 per day. Make sure to choose a full to full policy and you will only pay for the fuel you actually use.

Driving in Algarve is simpler for non-locals when compared to other parts of Portugal. There are abundant signs and many free-toll road options. Faro’s coast is super scenic and it makes for beautiful photos.

Faro tourist attractions

Faro Old City (locals call it the “Cidade Velha”) has many good examples of great architecture dating from the 1700s. You can also visit Faro Beach, which is never fully crowded, throughout the year. Faro also has a big student population, which means there is a thriving nightlife there during the weekends and the summer, after 10pm, especially on the area surrounding the streets Infante Dom Henrique and Conselheiro Bivar.

Also, if you love seafood, make sure to visit Faro during the summer for the Festa da Ria Formosa, when fishermen themselves set up food stalls during this yearly festival alongside live concerts. Among many other things to do in Faro, this is the best place to be during the summer.