An intercooler is a heat exchanger that serves to cool air compacted by either a supercharger or a Turbo Charger. It is fixed in between the path of air from the turbo or supercharger to the car. From the knowledge of the Gas law, we know that pressure and temperature are directly proportional and therefore increasing pressure is as well as increasing temperature, something detrimental. Let us examine this in details.

Extremely high temperature can be detrimental to your car engine in at least two ways. Firstly, hot air is less dense and as a result, it has a reduced amount of molecules of oxygen per unit volume. This translates to less air for the auto in a certain stroke and thus reduced power output. Secondly, hot air causes result in higher cylinder temperatures. This, in turn, facilitates pre-detonation of the incineration series. An intercooler helps in keeping air pressure at a modest level. A motor is safe with a relatively colder charge which boosts its power as well.

Obtain Power from Your Intercooler

As already mentioned, pre-detonation of the combustion cycle can be damaging. However, an intercooler helps in reversing this condition by aiding detonation. With the cooler environment, the pre-detonation can be done away with.

To this point, it goes without saying that an intercooler is a very significant tool in a car. You need to be conversant with the knowledge of pre-ignition and detonation to appreciate this tool even more. Doing this will also help you know how to pay attention to it in your car engine.

Improve Your Intercooler

Improving your intercooler will help your vehicle gain more power. Well, you may be plagued with the question of how you can do just that. Well, here are some suggestions that can help.

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Ensure it gets a lot of airflows as much as it can. In many cases, individuals fix it in front of the auto, in line with unswerving air path. If you want to get the best out of it, direct more air through it and it alone. You can design a ducting method around the intercooler. This will give air no other choice apart from passing through it. A study established that there can be additional gains of up to 11% from the air ducting. The thing is, an intercooler is nothing but an air radiator.

Appropriately size the intercooler. A very small and thin intercooler will be heat soaked faster. This is because it does not have enough surface area to contain the hot air being pumped into it. It may also be deprived of clean airflow for discharging heat. These two conditions will render it useless since its temperature will be the same as the one passing through it from the turbo or supercharger. Nonetheless, a small intercooler is also preferred in negating the possibility of extreme pressure drop.

Adding an external cooling system will be of great help, as it will aid the cooling of the intercooler. You can search for information on how to fix it from various sources.

In light of the above, it is unthinkable to imagine you still underestimate the importance of an efficient and well-designed intercooler. I believe the article has given you some tips on how to improve the one your car is currently using.

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