Should I have my Airbag Module Reset or just buy a used one?

A SRS airbag module can go by many names: ECU (Airbag Electronic Crash Unit), SRS module, SRS unit, SRS control unit, derm, airbag brain, or simply the airbag module. It is found in all the cars that were manufactured after 1996 for the U.S. market. The airbag module is the brains of your entire airbag system in the vehicle, continually working, writing data, and communicating with the vehicles engine computer. When the car is in an accident, the Airbag Module determines whether or not the airbags need to deploy or if the seat belts locking is enough to keep you safe.

If you do not have an Airbag Module, it is unsafe to drive, so you should always check the car system for fault codes in case your airbag light is lit. Stay safe.

Whenever you have an airbag code related to the airbag’s deployment, you will always need your Airbag Module Reset. There is an option of buying a new Airbag Module but that could cost hundreds of dollars the dealer. Also, all those units would go to the trash. There is also the option of buying a module used; however, if you go this route, the module would have to be re-programmed just like the new module would have to be. Replacing an SRS airbag module is a difficult and lengthy process due to everything that’s associated with it. When you install a different module in your car, used or new, you will need to program it to your VIN which requires the dealer to do it.

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