Wheel caps and their importance

This refers to the disk on the car wheel that that is fitted at the center part of the wheel. Initially, this decorative disc used to be small and was used to prevent dirt from entering the spindle nut or the wheel bearings of cars. Generally, the center caps are found on new automobiles and safeguards the lug nuts and bearing. This article will examine this tool along with the lug nuts.

A Brief History

Center cap and wheel covers are basically types of a hubcap. Currently, the center caps are retained to the wheel by means of by means of the spring clips. Also, there are those maintained by the wheel lugs. Conventionally, the center caps were either too small or too large. They were initially used in cartwheels and wagons before evolving to what we currently perceive them to be.

It is imperative to put into consideration the material used in making any part of a car. Between the years 1950 and 1970, wheel caps were made from stainless steel, while other parts of the wool were made of wood or other form fitted metal parts.  Nowadays, center caps are a mix of metal and plastic, chiefly made of an alloy of aluminum or steel. Some of the wheel covers make use of detachable center caps, especially the ones retained by lug nuts. The main functions of the center cap are to hide the lug nuts which generally attach the wheel to the car hub.

Design and features

Time and again, center caps bear the car manufacturer’s logo or even their trademark, or at times that of their maker. Nevertheless, there those that do not have any trademark nor the logo. The earliest types of center caps were chrome plated.

As mentioned, center caps are meant to protect the lug nuts. Let us briefly review the lug nuts too and see how essential they are.

Lug Nuts

Lug nuts are clasps meant to secure a wheel on a car. They are generally found on autos, Lorries and large vehicles that use rubber tires. A lug nut refers to a nut with one conical end often used on steel wheels. A number of these nuts are principally used to firmly attach the wheel to the wheel studs and thus to the car’s axles. Still, there are other makes that employ lug bolts rather than nuts, though they serve the same purpose.

In most cases, the conical lug’s end subtends an angle of 60 degrees and is properly structured to center the wheel most appropriately on the axle and to lessen the probability of the nuts to slacken off as a result of fretting prompted precession when the auto is being driven. It is significant to note that lug nuts may have dissimilar shapes.

To remove lug nuts, you may need a socket or a lug. A car jack is used to raise the auto during removal and installation. What is more, it is of great importance to fit your car with loose wheel nut indicators to be able to detect loose lug nuts early enough.


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