Best Used Cars

In today’s economy we are all looking for the best deals and values for our money. When venturing off into the world of used cars there are numerous options to choose from. Luckily much of the brunt work is already taken care of by “Best Car” lists that are done every year. Different groups perform extensive research on all types of cars and compiles a list of the best based off criteria such as reliability, safety, value, and availability. One such group is annual Used Best Car Bet Awards. Eligibility is limited to cars originally sold from 2004 to 2009.

They come up with their lists after looking at consumer ratings as well as sources that report on reliability and longevity. They then apply this to their own experience and judgment to determine a vehicle’s reliability. They also consider various crash test ratings conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The following are a few of the winners for 2011! In the compact sedan category, the 2004-2009 Hyundai Elantra has taken the top spot. It’s solid build; quality, reliability and operating economy will definitely put a smile on your face. The Elantra offers a peppy performance and smooth ride. It received very impressive crash test scores that will put your mind at ease while driving this fun and safe car.

The winner of the mid size sedan is the 2004-2009 Nissan Altima. The accommodating midsize car comes with strong performance especially equipped with a potent V6 engine. In 2007 the Altima was redesigned and introduced very handsome Infiniti like styling and CVT (continuously variable transmission) that delivers ultra smooth operation and increased fuel efficiency. In the compact truck category, the 2004-2009 Toyota Tacoma shines with its well known impressive overall quality and rock solid reliability record. Toyota offers a pick up for any need or personality. The Pre-runner edition offers the suspension, ride height and aggressive tires of a 4WD truck without the fuel appetite.

The winner of the luxury category happens to be one of my favorite cars. The 2004-2009 Infiniti G35/37 offers rear wheel drive, a ripping V6 engine, sporty tuning, and sleek good looks. Compared to its class rival, the BMW 3series, Infiniti’s much roomier cabin, lower maintenance costs and acquisition makes the G37 the right choice. 04-27 Honda CR-V is the standout in the compact SUV/crossover category. This fun to drive crossover is space efficient, fuel efficient and easy to own. The CR-V has just as much cargo space as some larger SUV’s and is usually more than enough for most consumer’s needs. While it does not have a V6 engine, its inline 4 version is sufficient for real world driving and results in respectable fuel mileage. Its comfortable ride, excellent reliability record, and strong crash tests scores show why the Honda CR-V is a top pick.