Big News from ACD about instaVIN!

On February 27, 2014, ACD announced that they integrated with the instaVIN report! As the CEO Ernie Bray quoted in their recent press release on their website, “Our formula is simple. Assemble an amazing group of claims professionals and combine them with superior technology in order to give clients an unbeatable solution.” The instaVIN report is that unbeatable solution, as it allows used car buyers to learn everything about the vehicle’s history before the buyer commits to handing over their pocketbook.

ACD is well revered in the property and casualty industries and steadily remains a nationwide leader in claims management, advisory, audit and technology solutions. Their reputation is positive and it couldn’t be more of an honor to integrate with their company. Essentially, this integration occurs between our vehicle history and title reports and ACD’s AutoLink claims management solution. As they state in their press release:

ACD, a multi-year technology award winner and proven insurance industry disrupter, believes the integration of instaVIN’s real-time vehicle history reports will further strengthen the company’s core claims processing software and services. We’re very excited to be able to offer our insurance clients highly detailed information which further assists us in protecting their interests and preventing fraud.”

The press release goes on to describe where instaVIN compiles our highly accurate and comprehensive data. Our customers can trust that the report they see in front of them is one they can truly rely on. More specifically, instaVIN generates our data from the NMVTIS (ie: National Motor Vehicle Title Information System), the state DMV, police records, fire and insurance records and several proprietary sources. The NVMTIS is one of the most important sources we compile from, as it gives our customers access to real-time DMV title information, junk and salvage reports, total loss events and other crucial facts.

Our instaVIN ratings continue to climb due to the comprehensive facts one can learn about the used vehicle they are interested in purchasing. Not only can you access the above mentioned information, but your report will also provide you with theft status, towing data, impound data, lien holder information in regards to open liens and so much more! There is a lot more to say about our report, but we would like to conclude with the statements provided by the CEOs of both ACD and instaVIN. They are as follows:

ACD is a real-time solution and incorporating instaVIN’s real-time data is a great match. Additionally, our use of instaVIN will enhance our specialized claims solution as they provide a key resource for history on recreational vehicles, heavy trucks, buses, power sports, classic cars and motorcycles” – Ernie Bay, CEO of ACD

instaVIN is excited to support ACD’s initiatives in the claims management industry. As a leader provider of history reports, instaVIN provides fresh access to vehicle information not available through other history providers. ACD’s clients will also appreciate the benefits of real-time data not traditionally available on specialty vehicles.” –Jim Irish, CEO of instaVIN