Automotive Industry’s Spokesman of the Year

In a competitive industry such as the auto industry many automakers rely on a special breed of talent known as the spokesmen. These spokesmen are charged with raising brand awareness about the auto manufactures vehicles. We as a magazine like to recognize those spokesmen though rare who rise to celebrity status among the auto industry. This year’s choice is widely recognized in the luxury auto industry as their go to spokesman.

Car Magazine recognizes a spokesperson that has excelled in raising brand awareness for auto brands they represent. We are pleased to announce that Giacomo Miketta is our choice for Automotive Spokesman of the year for our Magazine. Miketta is the Spokesman for several luxury auto brands including Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and Maserati. We took special note that Miketta has raised each of the car brands market awareness and engagement both on social media, print media and through his personal appearances on their behalf.

Miketta has appeared on Arab TV for Bentley, recently represented Lamborghini at the Geneva International Motor Show where he unveiled their new Hurracan Performante Spyder. Porsche like Lamborghini recognized Miketta’s impact and secured him to represent them in their Porsche Designs division. Miketta has appeared in Lamborghini’s video announcing their partnership with Samsung VR, the video can be seen on Lamborghini’s website. As an auto magazine covering the automotive industry, we could not help but recognized like the automakers Miketta’s unique ability to raise brand awareness for the automotive industry’s most desired brands. This is one of many reasons why we named him, Spokesman of the year.

You can follow Miketta on his Instagram: @giacomo.miketta

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