Car Roof Rack is an essential addition to your car

Car roof rack mainly consist of rods which are mounted on top of the car and on it you can store various accessories, from roof boxes, holders for bikes and many other things. There are no universal roof rails and they vary from one model of the car to the other, so the market today has a very wide selection to choose from. That is no surprise since there is never enough space in the cars today for all the luggage and other belongings that we would like to take with us.

To make more room in the car, more and more car owners use the roof of the car to transport things and in this way they make more space.  It is a very common thing to see a roof box, a bicycle or even skis on top of a moving car. Because of car roof rack, it is possible now to carry all of these items, and they will be perfectly secure. All you have to do it purchase the one that suit your car model, if one was not built into your car when you purchased it.

This trend of transporting things on the top of your car is not such a big novelty and it actually makes a lot of sense because the top of the car is a very large surface and is always available so it is logical to use it for transportation of large items. In case the items you need to transport are smaller, you can always install a roof box. Roof rails come in embedded in some cars, but if this is not the case with your car, you will have to buy them separately. Some manufacturers of car equipment like roof boxes, offer the option of purchasing a car roof rack in the same package. By buying such a package you will save and you will be sure that everything will fit perfectly.

Car Roof Rack Sets

Since the roofs of cars are different, it is possible to find several different sets. Before buying, ask your retailer which kit is required for your car. Classical types of roof carrier assembly that can be used in many cars consists of three parts: the base (head), the rods and connectors. Rods and connectors are different depending on the height of the roof, while the socket consists of several parts (the head), depending on the car. The kit, which is currently adapted to the majority of the car comprises a base with 754 head. Some cars already have factory-installed fixing points and for them the required set is whose base has 751 or 753 head. Some cars already have factory fitted fastening points so you will only be able to hook up their models of car roof racks and the bar will be perfectly adjusted to the height of the roof. The last category includes cars that have the possibility of raising their roof and gutters for rain and for them there is also a special system for rack installation.

On every car model it is possible to install roof racks, but it is crucial that you use the model that suits your car. If, however, you change your car model make sure that the car roof rack you already own match the new model of your car, because safety really should always be a priority.


Materials used for development of car roof racks on the market today are iron and aluminum, but the ones in aluminum are becoming increasingly popular among users. The reason is that they are much lighter, but at the same time provide the same capacity as the iron variant. So without a problem such racks can bear loads up to 100 kg, which should be more than enough. Aluminum as a material is excellent for all weather conditions, so there will be no damage even during low or high temperatures. Some models have additional parts coated with rubber to prevent items stored on it from slipping.


In addition to the carrier, various accessories are available that can facilitate the transport of goods on board. For those who have to carry heavy objects, there is an excellent selection of specially designed racks which serve to transport heavier burdens and it can be easily set up on the roof. They  ensure that everything is transported safely and it is best to buy a special dedicated belts which make sure that everything is safely fastened on rails. They are very solid and elastic but  you will find that they stretch easily, and once you tighten them you will be sure that everything is well secured.

Choosing  a manufacturer

Today it is possible to find several different car roof rack manufacturers on the market. Quality and simplicity of installation and usage have brought the Swedish firm Thule and the Italian company Nordrive on the very top of the market. No matter which of them you decide on, you can be sure you will have bought quality roof rails. Given that both firms also offer a variety of other accessories, such as roof boxes, bike carriers, ski carriers and other things, it is recommended that you buy them in a kit together with a car roof rack. This way you will save while in the same time you can be sure that the carriers will be fully compatible with addition bought. Most carriers have had several tests carried out to make sure that the racks can hold the weight up to 100 kg, which should be enough  for you to set it as you want. Also, various independent tests have shown that carriers of these two companies have been made of quality materials and are resistant to all weather conditions. They are very easy to install and in most cases you will not need any special tools because all you have to do is attach them to the designated places on the car. Also, latch lock is provided to make sure that they are well attached to the car.