Leading 2016 Canadian Car Loans for Bad Credit Individuals

Leading 2016 Canadian Car Loans for Bad Credit Individuals
When purchasing a new car you can get a loan from almost anywhere:

  • Dealership
  • Manufacturer
  • Banks
  • Online

The hard part is figuring out which financing option is best for you. Finding a car loan that fits your needs can be stressful and feel impossible if you have bad credit. NewCarCanada.ca helps Canadians get approved for a car loan they need to get the car they really want. Canadians can now get any car loan approved regardless of credit score.

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Canadian Dealership Loans

Everyone knows that you can walk into a car dealership and walk out with a new car loan and the keys to a new car. What the dealerships don’t tell you:

  • Goal is To Get You In A CAR
  • Have One Priority
  • Guaranteed Approval May Not Be True
  • May End Up Spending More

Salesmen are work based on commission and they want to see you walk out with a new car no matter what they have to do to get you into that car.


Manufacturer Loans

Manufacturer loans are more popular than you may think. Dealerships are sometimes able to offer low interest rate through manufacturer loans. These types of loans are very limited and are typically restricted to specific car models.

Bank Loans

Bank Loans are probably the most difficult for individuals with bad credit to secure because they use all the traditional elements to determining loan approval. Banks look at your current status and base a bulk of their decision on your credit history.


Online Canadian Bad Credit Car Loans

Financing that can also be found online can be less complicated than other financing methods. We specialize in Canadian bad credit auto loans. We base the bulk of our decision on your current situation and provide approval within 24 hours or less. Fill out the short online application below to get started.


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