Music Producer Thousand Times Unveils His First Miracle Whip

Following in the footsteps of his idols such as Kanye, Frank, Tyler & Luda, Thousand Times builds his first project car.

“I’ve been obsessed with cars since I was a kid” says the producer. “Especially classics and vintage models; I love fixing up cars other people have overlooked. This Benz was a gift from an ex girlfriend and after a massive overhaul now drives like a dream. Just like making a record I really threw myself into the build. It took about 14 months on & off and along the way I built up a team of pros just like I had done in music, art and live events.

I think second only to music I love building fast rides. I believe building a strong team is the key to being successful in anything you do. For me building cars is the perfect hobby in between making records and I get so much joy from it. In fact I actually have a record dropping early next month with a really hot artist- you just going to have to follow my IG (@liftoffmusicgroup) to see whats next!”


  • Magnaflow glass-pack exhaust system
  • Volo VP16 Racing Computer
  • 20mm Wheel Spacers
  • Stage 4 Drilled & Slotted Brakes w/ Ceramic Pads
  • Ultra Stiff Coil Over Suspension
  • Dual Cold Air Intakes
  • Vintage Gold Dip
  • Blackout Headlight Tint
  • HD Headlight Conversion
  • 1/4 Front Lip
  • Emblem De-badge
  • Iridium Spark-Plugs/ High Performance Ignition Coils

Up next:

  • Wheels & Audio
  • Custom Interior
  • 2″ Drop
  • 42″ Aluminum Spoiler

Special thanks to:

  • Eddie Mac the Mechanic (
  • CA Body Shop (
  • DipMatic Liquid Wraps (