Protect Cars and Passengers from Sun and Heat

There’s no fun getting into a hot car… or even touching metal parts after it’s been exposed to the sun for a long time. When you leave the car closed and parked in the sun for a while, it will look like an oven as soon as you open the door. However, there are products suitable to save us from this unpleasant situation and which are also very useful on other occasions: they are awnings for cars. These curtains can be used on the windshield, rear windows and even side windows. Custom-made sun blinds, for example, offer many advantages and are a good choice for several reasons that we will immediately see

The Advantages of Made-to-measure Sun Blinds

As already mentioned, the advantages are many and all aimed at a comfortable stay in the car, away from the heat, both on the move and after parking.

Elimination of Heat

While custom-made sun shades don’t completely eliminate heat build-up inside a car, they help maintain a lower temperature by blocking and reflecting the sun’s warm rays. This means that when you open your car door you won’t be shocked by the hot air coming out. Awnings also prevent you from burning your hands on the steering wheel (or sitting on a hot car seat). In addition, they are particularly suitable for protecting car seats.

Custom-made sun shades help maintain a lower temperature by blocking and reflecting the sun’s warm rays.

Protection of Car Electronics

Car stereo and CD systems can be damaged by excessive heat and direct sunlight penetrating through the windshield, not to mention the damage that can be done to onboard computers. Now that there are LCD TVs and DVD players in cars, it’s especially important to keep the heat down. A sun visor will protect the area where the electronics are located, which in turn will ensure a longer life for the car’s electronic equipment.

Interior Protection

The sun can cause a lot of damage inside your car. The dashboard and seats can fade, get discoloured by the sun, or can crack and warp from direct sunlight and heat. A sun visor blocks harmful sun rays and reduces the heat inside the car. By regularly using custom made sun shades in your car, you can extend the life of the interior and help it stay like new for a long time.

What to do to Buy Suitable Sun Shades for you

Custom-made sunshades from Withcar protect you from the glare of the sun as you drive or protect the steering wheel and dashboard from heat and light while the car is parked. There are several types: you can buy replacement sun visors for your car if those from the car manufacturer are worn or damaged. You can also find aftermarket awnings that attach to the inside of windows. These come in various types – you can choose from solid colour, fixed position, or retractable blinds. Our advice is to move towards tailor-made sun blinds precisely because, being tailor-made, they are able to perfectly meet your needs without the need to adapt.

various types of custom made sunshade
Make sure you choose the right type of custom made sunshade.

Furthermore, purchasing a high-quality sun visor will protect your passengers from intense sunlight while driving. Make sure you buy a good quality product that can resist UV rays.

First of all, make sure you choose the right type of custom made sunshade. A fixed position tent might be a good choice if you want to protect an infant travelling in a car seat, but an older child or adult passenger will likely appreciate a retractable awning that allows it to be easily removed or raised and look outside. 

Consider UV resistance: UV light will degrade the curtain material over time. Look for shades rated for UV resistance (you will usually find this on the packaging).

custom-made car sunshades
With the right sunshade, you can enjoy a long interior life.

Shape and size are very important, especially if you are not going to choose made-to-measure sun shades. You will find awnings available in different shapes designed to fit different types of windows. Make sure the shape you choose works with your type. If you are looking for a sun visor for your windshield, make sure it fits your vehicle (check the specifications on the box).

With the right sunshade, you can enjoy a long interior life, a cool environment and all while providing the right protection for your passengers.