Vic Battery Company

You could not leave all your worries behind, unless you have a good working car battery. Car battery has lots of essential functions, such as storing energy and giving power to the ignition system, starter, fuel system and relatively much every electrical part during start-ups. What is more, it offers power to entire electronic parts once your care is not running. Battery maintenance or batter replacement from Vic assists prolong the life of your battery, keeping all the parts blinking, clicking, honking as well as shining even in the sternest weather condition.

Diagnostic Service

Having an expert technician from Vic Battery Company perform the battery diagnostic service, particularly before a long trip, is a fast simple means to long lasting tranquility. It takes online minutes to asses and tries the batter and charging system parts on a machine which permits you determine with a high level of confidence the amount of life left in. If it is OK, we give you the worthy news, when it is not, we will allow you know and suggest the right replacement battery.


Our Battery Replacement Service

When Vic Battery Company technicians find out that you batter is not working in the manufactures recommendation, we will replace it with the new one. To assist ensure you could leave the stress and worry behind, we will test and try the new battery and charging and starting system parts before installation and test again the battery and charging and starting parts after setting up.

Battery Terminal Clearing Up

You could have a new battery and still has issues when the terminal of battery is dirty or corroded. Vic Battery Company technicians will clear up corrosion from the cable and terminals ends, using carrion spray as well as setup felt corrosion protectors to assist guard opposed future corrosion.

Cable End Replacement

Battery cable or wired ends connect the battery wires to the terminal posts. Vic Battery Company technicians visually asses the cable end of your battery and replace when it is applicable based on their condition. We offer batter replacement and maintenance services in Melbourne. Please call ahead of time to make sure the battery replacement service is available.

Vic Battery Company is reliable battery replacement service provide in Melbourne. Not like other companies out there, we stock large selection of truck, car, boat, and batteries, so you can be sure that we will have the battery you want. Please call us for more details.