Volkswagen Maglev Car

Shanghai Maglev Train on the track
Shanghai Maglev Train on the track (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There has been no car that has prompted so much discussion in recent years as the Volkswagen Maglev. A vehicle which started off as a crowdsourcing project, but became teased more and more by the company. However, why has a vehicle that has seemingly had very little discussion about it prompted so many comments? Well, because it is a hover car. Yes, that means it can almost fly. What is on most people’s minds however is whether the Volkswagen Maglev Car Hoax is actually a reality, let’s take a look.

The Volkswagen Maglev Car was first touted in 2011. This is back when Volkswagen launched a car project in China which asked people to submit their ideas for future vehicles. Whilst three vehicles were chosen as winners, none generated more views than the ‘Maglev’ vehicle. This was designed by Wang Jia.

The area that Wang Jia lives in is well known for the metal beneath the ground. The maglev vehicle would work in a way by having magnets underneath the vehicle. This would then ‘force’ the vehicle away from the ground, which in turn would create a magnetic hover effect. In the past hover vehicles were nothing but science fiction, but for once, the idea actually seemed fairly plausible.

Of course, as soon as this idea was ‘announced’ as a winner, people began to believe that hover vehicles could become a reality. The Volkswagen Maglev Car Hoax was spurred on by the creation of a video by the Volkswagen staff however. This particular vehicle demonstrated how the vehicle would work, as well as how it would be driven. Of course, as the competition originated in China, many people were unaware and they thought it was a true ‘concept’ design and something that the car company were working on. As a result, this went viral.

One of the biggest problems that you should have with believing the Volkswagen Maglev Car Hoax is because it relies on minerals and metals in the ground. The vast majority of places throughout the world do not have enough metal in the ground to make magnetic levitation a plausible idea. The only way around this would be to install metal in the roads, and that honestly does not look like it is going to happen any time soon. So, honestly, you shouldn’t expect to see magnetic levitation as the ‘way of the future’ in terms of hover vehicles, but there will most likely be technology that is incredibly similar to this, even if it doesn’t rely on magnets in the car. The fact that Volkswagen even made a concept vehicle shows that this technology could actually happen and that they have given serious thought to the idea.

Perhaps the Volkswagen Maglev Car Hoax isn’t real right now, but to be perfectly honest, this is the future of cars. If it isn’t real at the moment then the vehicle will come into the future, whether from Volkswagen or from a different company. So in my opinion, keep an eye out.

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