What to Look for on a CARFAX Vehicle History Report

When you’re in the market for used cars for sale in Rochester, it’s important to read the vehicle’s CARFAX report first. This report costs about $40 and could save you money, time and stress. If you don’t know how to read a report properly, this report could be useless. However, thanks to this guide, you can become a pro at CARFAX reports and what to look for when shopping for pre-owned cars.

Some red flags to look for on a CARFAX report include:

  1. Frequent Ownership Changes: If you see that a vehicle has had multiple owners who have bought and sold the car in a short time period, you may be dealing with a car that has challenging or costly repairs.
  2. Failed emissions testing: It is illegal for a car dealer in Raleigh or anywhere for that matter to sell a car that doesn’t have the proper current emissions record. If you see multiple failed emission tests on a report, this could be a red flag (especially if you live somewhere where inspections occur regularly and are required by law).
  3. Too many registered liens: This often means that a car doesn’t have a free and clear title and that the seller doesn’t have the right to sell. It may also lead to problems when changing the title into someone’s name after the car is paid off too. Avoid this at all costs!
  4. Too many accidents: This just means the car has been worked on many times leading to the risk of additional issues that either weren’t resolved right the first time or were neglected during repairs.


Ultimately, after you’ve taken the time to read through a CARFAX report thoroughly then you can make an informed decision on the vehicle you’re interested in buying in Raleigh. For a large range of used cars to choose from, visit Auction Direct USA today with locations in Rochester, NY and Raleigh, NC.