Who’s to Say What’s Best – You Can Try

I recall, when I was in my teens, knowing what the perfect car for me was. It was a Honda Civic, two door coupe.  At that age I could care less about the color, the make or the model. The only thing that seemed to matter was its “cute factor” and if it had a CD player. Nowadays, I could not give you a hint on what car would be best for me. I believe the reason for this is because as you get older things change. Everything that a person may have thought was best for them in the past- that may no longer be. Having a car is not just about its appearance. With our country’s the flaky economy, people have so many other far more important things to factor in when buying a new car. Everyone has different components that contribute to what they believe is the best possible vehicle for them.

Whether you’re an advocate for going green or you just need a little more space for the children, what makes a car the best, is the way that it caters to the buyer. Some of the best cars on the market include vehicles such as the Toyota Prius, Honda civic, the adorable mini cooper and if you want to get fancy, a three series Beemer is considered the best way to go. All these cars have their pros and their cons and all are considered one of, if not, the best of their kind. With cars like the Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf, you get some of the best Hybrids on the market. They are fun, small and easy on the eyes, not to mention, they help to save our planet. Cars like these also have the tendency to not break the bank, thanks to its reasonable pricing and its incredible fuel efficiency.

Along with hybrids, also somewhat fuel efficient, comfortable and family friendly are Sedans. This includes vehicles like Honda’s Civic and Accord models. If a buyer is in search of a great crossover or SUV type of vehicle, the Mini Cooper and the CRV both have the edge and affordability for a substantial buyer. Now for some buyers, these components maybe good and dandy, but they maybe missing that extra “umph” that one can only get from a luxury vehicle. The three series BMW, the Audi A5, and the Cadillac CTS rank top three in 2012’s affordable luxury vehicles.

All priced underneath the 40,000 dollar mark, these cars have the capability to give you everything that you need in a vehicle while looking impeccable at the same time. As times have changed, car investments have become more about how the vehicle fits into the buyer’s life, rather than how the buyer fits into the vehicle. There is no real way to determine the best overall vehicle for a potential car buyer. That is something that they will simply have to decide for themselves.