3 Quick Steps to Cleaning Your Seat Covers

Charcoal-03LDYour car is your sanctuary. It’s the portal to your favorite hobby. It’s a source of instant joy for your pets.

By using seat covers, you’re taking care of your car just as it’s always taken care of you. Of course, with the hustle-bustle of every day life, accidental spills and grime can build up over time. Hey, we’re only human!

If you take just a quick minute to maintain your seat covers once in a while, your brand new custom interior will look fresh and clean for many years to come. After all, car seat covers are designed to protect your car, so just a few minutes of your day can help keep your seat cover set glistening. Mr. Clean’s got nothing on you!

The following three steps are the best way to maximize most fabrics. Note: Proud owners of leather, faux leather, velour or polyester fabrics, check out the unique special care below.

  1. Damp Cloth is Your Car Seat’s Best Friend

Most of our fabrics are best spot cleaned with a simple damp cloth and warm water. That’s it…easy as pie!

Simply inspect your car seats for any stains or spills that might have occurred on your fabulous covers—whether it’s just a few pieces or the whole 16-piece car seat cover enchilada! Remember to spot clean your floor mats too.

  1. Use a Pinch of Soap to Lift Dirt

If you’ve got a bit of a stubborn stain on your hands, have no fear! Just add a little bit of soap to the water to lift that dirt right out. Soap will do the trick.

  1. Let Air Dry and Enjoy!

These fabrics are best maintained if you stick to air-drying. Open those car doors and let Mother Nature’s cool breeze do its magic. That’s all there is to it.


Special Fabric Care

Breathable vs. Non-Breathable Fabric

Since car seat covers are designed to protect your upholstery, most fabrics are durable, which means they are strong and resistant enough to let you wipe up sweat or muck before it sets in. No sticky seats!

But it’s important to check your car seat’s fabric material to determine whether or not it’s breathable material.

Non-breathable fabrics: waterproof (like Neoprene, Camouflage and Micro-Suede), wetsuit-like and canvas-like fabrics are not breathable. Non-breathable fabrics are great for outdoorsy, watersport fans, but the fabric doesn’t let air pass through to soak up the sweat, oil and all that jazz. Don’t worry…all that means is you should take extra care to spot clean more regularly to maintain your awesome car seats.

Breathable fabrics: like polyester velour and other space-knit fabrics, allows for less buildup of everyday wear and tear. Tiny holes in the fabric allow air to penetrate the fabric and evaporate sweat and oil that naturally builds up over time.

Leather & Simulated Leather

Leather seat covers and simulated leather seat covers require a special kind of tender care and loving. The great thing about these luxury fabrics is that they are resistant to mildew and even abrasions. Wiping up spills is a piece of cake since liquids sit on top of the surface. But if you’re in a bit of a spotty jam, wipe the spot with a damp cloth.

You can opt for the Turtle Wax Leather conditioner. It’s a great option to maintain both your leather and I Can’t Believe it’s Not Leather car seats! Always air dry.

Velour & Polyester

The Velour and polyester fabric (like Sport Tex) can be spot cleaned, following steps 1-3, but if you’ve got a huge mess on your hands, you can also throw these two fabrics into the washer machine using the gentle cycle.

The straps and buckles need to be tied to each other to prevent too much flailing. Let the seats air dry for maximum results.

Want to buy car seat covers for a friends or family? You can always count on free shipping from a variety of authorized dealers. If you want to order custom fit, which is what we recommend, all you need is the vehicle make and model. Universal fit may allow for one-size-all application, but it won’t blend seamlessly into the upholstery.

The above tips will maintain your car’s spiffiness, so you’ll always ride in style!
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