Team Red Bull is the F1 Team to Beat

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If you’re a fan of Formula One (F1) racing, you’ll recognize Team Red Bull, and you’ll know that while this is the team to beat, they deserve to be at the top of the Formula One charts. The eight year old team has made changes to their personnel and to the vehicles over the years, which seem to have boosted the team’s performance. To learn more about this top Formula One racing team, read on to learn more.

Team Red Bull’s Rise

Team Red Bull hit the Formula One scene in 2005. The Austrian racing team, with driver Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel, has just taken their fourth Formula One Constructors Championship in as many years. The team was formerly known as Jaguar Racing, until 2004, when Red Bull stepped in and snapped it up. Although the team has had its ups and downs, in the past few years, the team has only improved. In its first season in Formula One racing, Team Red Bull placed sixth in the Constructors Championship. In 2006, they placed seventh and in 2008, they placed fifth. In 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, driver Vettel has driven away with the championship elevating his team to the highest level of F1 competition.

Engine and Car Changes

With the Mercedes racing vehicle, over the years, Team Red Bull has made changes to the hardware inside the vehicle as well as the chassis. In its inaugural season, the team used Cosworth engines, the same that the former owners had used. The next year, the team used Ferrari engines. Since 2007, the team has used Renault engines, even as they made changes to the vehicle chassis almost on an annual basis.

Sebastian Vettel’s Rise

German-born driver Sebastian Vettel has been in a vehicle on wheels since he was 3 ½ years old. The 26-year-old has been touted as one of Formula One’s best drivers, on account of his winning four world championships with Team Red Bull in Formula One Racing in the past four years. He got his start in the Formula One Junior Series in 1998. Eight years later, the joined the BMW Sauber team in the Formula One series. In 2007, he left BMW to join Team Red Bull’s second team, Sauderia Toro Rosso. In 2008, he earned Rookie of the Year honors with Scuderia Toro Rosso. In 2009, he joined Team Red Bull and that was the only year so far that he has not driven to win the Constructor’s Championship. In recent years, Team Red Bull has seen tremendous racing by its two drivers. Since 2009, the team has made history with Sebastian Vettel multiple times.

Team Succeeds Despite Swirling Controversy and Rumors

Despite controversy in 2010 and speculation that the team had a secret in the way they inflated their tires, the team began using smaller kinetic energy recovery systems in their vehicles, which gave them a bit of an edge. In June of 2013, rumors began to circulate that Team Red Bull could be using some form of traction control, which has been banned in Formula One racing. Even with the various controversies over the years, the team has prospered and in October 2013, their competitor, driver Fernando Alonso called Team Red Bull “untouchable.”

Team Red Bull Continues to Promote Young Talent

Perhaps one key to the success of Team Red Bull and their strong fan following is the dedication that team leaders show to the drivers from their junior ranks. In 2014, a second driver from the Team Red Bull Junior Series will succeed Mark Webber, whose last season will be 2013. Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo will take the driver’s seat in Webber’s former vehicle, a move that Webber cheers, saying that promoting members of the junior series program is the key to the team’s standing out from others. This year, Ricciardo is racing for Scuderia Toro Rosso.

With highly-skilled drivers like Vettel, Webber and Ricciardo at the wheel, it’s no wonder that Team Red Bull is at the top of their racing game. The whole team’s commitment to winning and success is one reason that the team stands out from their competitors. In a relatively short time, the team’s reputation has grown and other drivers are publicly commenting that Team Red Bull is the team to beat.