Do Women Really Dig Muscle Cars?

Do women actually dig muscle cars? It’s a question that has plagued many a man who has found himself in the possession of a great, sleek muscle car—whether it’s a high ends Ferrari or a nice Mercedes Benz… Some guys might say that women think men who own expensive muscle cars are very attractive, while others might point to the stereotype those men who own high-end, flashy vehicles are “compensating for something.” What’s the truth? Like most things, it’s somewhere in the middle.


Muscle cars are inherently flashy. They’re expensive, fast, and more of a “show car” than anything practical. In other words, Ferraris are meant to impress on the road–not take the kids to the grocery store! If a woman decides to judge a man by his car, this flashiness will generally result in three things: thinking the man is wealthy, thinking the man is “compensating,” or thinking the man is interested in muscle or sports cars.

If a guy is just looking for a quick fling, a muscle car can be the “ticket” to getting into a conversation with a woman who is also looking for a fling and not a serious, long-term relationship. Some women are attracted to the wealth that a car like a Ferrari represents, which can make them a good way for men to pick up dates or flings at bars and clubs.

Not all women are impressed by muscle cars, however, and in fact may be turned off by them. Some women believe that a man who purchases an expensive but impractical car like a Ferrari are using it to compensate for something they lack—whether they lack something physical or something internal, like charm and personality.

Many women enjoy sports cars for their performance and agility rather than any perceived wealth or “coolness” associated with the man who owns them; women race cars, buy cars, and attend car shows every year. For some men, owning a sports car can be a way to attract women—not because they’re instantly interested in someone who owns such a car, but because they (like anyone who finds someone with a similar hobby or passion) might be interested in getting to know the man behind the car.

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