Start Up an ATV Riding Business

How to start-up the ATV riding business: If you are a die-hard fan of ATVs or all-terrain vehicles fan and rider, then it may be possible that you want to start the ATV riding business.

ATV riding is one of the most interesting and very popular past time for families, couples and friends. It offers riders an opportunity to enjoy the vast outdoor and they can also experience the thrilling experience of the motorised ATV.

Although it may take some money and time to start-up this business, in the long run, it will pay off if you do proper marketing. There are two main categories of ATVs or quads such as sport and utility. The utility ATVs are designed and used for the work. They include racks,700cc engines,4wheel drive, and shaft drive, etc.

Choosing which ATV to buy is a major step in starting an all terrain vehicle business. You will need to choose the correct vehicle for your target audience. In many cases this means purchasing a variety of different ATVs.

Honda and Polaris are big brands of this type of ATVs. On the other hand, sport ATVs are for play and fun. Sport quads, generally offer chain drives, lightweight and smaller bodies. They are also faster in comparison to utility ATVs. Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki are the big sports brands.

This vehicle can be categorised even further. Sports utility or beginner is the first category of the ATVs. However, it is undoubtedly the smallest category. It is perfect for those who want to start quad-biking as a hobby.

These quads have 4-wheel drive but don’t contain clutch. The size of the engine range between 299cc (TRX250X) by Honda and 421cc (Wolverine) by Yamaha. Some quads have automatic transmission. While some have automatic transmission.

These sport utility vehicles are good for the moderate to mild trails and woods. Sport-utility/beginner quads are best for the use in the woods on mild to moderate trail conditions. They can be driven in the trails slow to 75% of top speed.

For your business, you have to buy the wooded property. This property should contain some hill and also, some plain area. You should clear all the debris and trash from your property.

You will need to create trails throughout the wooded area with the help of heavy equipment like a chain saw or any other. Then it’s time to rank them according to their difficulty levels as expert, moderate or beginner.

You should mark the appropriate signs and flags to make it clear to the rider, what is next on the trails. You must colour code the entire trails and also map the area. The map should be provided to every rider so they can find the way.

After that, buy many ATVs of different ranges. Small-sized ATVs are ideal for the beginners and bigger sized 4WD quads are suitable for the advance ATV riders. You should offer something for every customer. You should also buy some models of 2 and 4 seaters ATVs.

It will be helpful for you to offer the ride to the groups or person with disabilities. Also, you will need to buy safety tools and equipment such as gloves, helmet, and riding gears for your clients.

For your business, you should also make some policies and rules. It can contain the age and weight limit, use of the safety tools and equipment, rules about food and beverage consumption on the trails, liability clauses and implementation of all rules and guidelines.

It is necessary for you to get insurance for your new build business. The insurance rate will vary according to the amount of property, the number of ATVs and the type of clients will be riding the ATVs.

To get the minimum rate possible, you should show your procedures, policies, and liability clauses to the insurance agent. To market your business, you should make the brochures, business cards, and flyers.

You can ask local breakfast inns, hotels, and campgrounds to show your brochures. Make a website with relevant pictures and information about your ATVs business.

If there are other communities and other networks available in your area then collaborate with them to increase the exposure. Also, you should advertise the ATV parts, catalogues, ATV websites, and ATV magazines.

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