What’s the easiest way to import your car to the UK?

Content: Importing your car into the can seem like a daunting task. There are a plethora of steps involved in getting your car there and registered ready to use within the United Kingdom. 

The first step involved is really to work out whether or not importing your car is worth it. Sometimes it might be cheaper to just buy a new car here. It’s worth investigating the value of the car in comparison to others already in the United Kingdom. 

Factoring in tax is something that most people forget about, but for most vehicles, within the EU that won’t be an issue. However, transferring residents also get a tax break when importing a vehicle. 

Sometimes you might not be able to source the vehicle in the United Kingdom (like American imports) so you can disregard this step. 

After you’ve decided to import a vehicle take a look at the price to ship your vehicle unless it is already in the United Kingdom. Often if you are shipping your vehicle by yourself then RoRo is one of the cheaper options – but shipping agents often use a shared container with multiple cars which is a safer and modestly priced option. 

Once your vehicle arrives in the United Kingdom you’ll have to do a NOVA to declare that the vehicle is here and then? You’ll have to modify the vehicle for compliance. 

Often the process of importing vehicles can be a tricky one mostly when it comes to the ‘registration’. 

Depending on the age of the vehicle and origin of the vehicle it might require an IVA test which checks how ‘compliant’ a vehicle is against outlined requirements in the United Kingdom. 

Every vehicle also requires an MOT unless it’s older than 40 years old. 

But the process of making the vehicle compliant varies considerably so sometimes its best to check what is required. 

There are quite a few door to door import companies like My Car Import who can assist with the process of importing your vehicle for you. 

It’s well worth weighing up the pros and cons of doing it yourself or using a company to do it on your behalf. 

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