What is the role of the parameters of the miniature car headlight bulb?

When we buy the lights, the first one will consider which model of the car needs to be purchased. When you buy it on the website, there will be a variety of H1 models, but we will find that the price is different. The parameters are different. We now know the importance of the lights, so we are more and more cautious about the choice of lights. However, for us, the selection of the lights is still “inaccessible”, especially for the level of the lamp parameters marked by the manufacturer is at a level of ignorance, or even completely incomprehensible. So let’s learn about the parameters of the lamp parameters together, in order to facilitate the selection of suitable and satisfactory lights. Every time we buy, we definitely want to have a happy experience, so we only have to know more, we can choose more accurate, right? What are the reference parameters?

First, the luminous flux

The amount of light emitted by the LED light source per unit time is called the luminous flux of the LED light source, and the unit is lumens, that is, LM. This amount is for the light source, it is the size of the total amount of light emitted by the light source, and is equivalent to the optical power. The greater the luminous flux of the light source, the more light is emitted.

Everyone knows that the unit of luminous flux is lumens, so what is the brightness of 1 lumen? In the real life example, 1 lumen = the total emitted light flux of a normal candle on a solid angle, the brightness of the laptop LCD screen = 150LM, the projector of the theater = 1000LM.

For LED lights, the luminous flux is not the only factor that determines the brightness of the lights, nor is the brightness of the lights stronger.

Lumens claims are usually “actually calculated” rather than actually measured based on the voltage they operate on. But it’s still not that simple. The lumen value is only an indicator of the total amount of luminescence. It does not indicate where the light will eventually be in front of the car! You can get 8000 lumens from such a bulb, and none will end on the road, as we will explain.

What is the Cree LED light?

Cree is the market leader in lighting-grade LEDs, LED lighting and semiconductor products for power and radio frequency (RF) applications. Cree’s product line includes LED luminaires and bulbs, blue and green LED chips, high-brightness LEDs, lighting-grade power LEDs, power switchgear and RF equipment.

Second, color temperature (CCT)

The color temperature is expressed by the absolute temperature K. When the heating temperature of the standard black body (such as platinum) is raised to a certain degree, the color begins to change gradually from red orange, yellow, green, blue, and blue (blue-violet), and the color of the light source is utilized. When the color of the black body is the same, we refer to the temperature of the black body as the color temperature of the light source. 3000K yellow light penetration, 4200K white belt with yellow original car with xenon lamp, 5000K light all white European standard color temperature, 6000K light all white with blue, 6500K sunshine day, 7000-8000K white with obvious blue The penetration of blue light above 8000K is extremely poor.

In general, the color temperature of about 5500K is the luminosity seen by the naked eye during the day, which can be understood as the visual optimum.

Third, current, voltage and power

Current, scientifically speaking, the amount of electricity passing through any cross section of a conductor per unit time is called current intensity, referred to as current, and the unit is ampere symbol A. At present, the LED headlight current on the market is generally around 2A.

The voltage, also called the potential difference or potential difference, is a physical quantity that measures the energy difference produced by the unit charge in the electrostatic field due to the difference in potential. The unit symbol is V. The current headlight voltage on the market is generally in the range of 9-32V.

Power refers to the amount of work done by an object in a unit of time, that is, the power is a physical quantity that describes how fast the work is done. In general, the higher the power, the higher the power consumption and the higher the brightness. At present, the power of LED car headlights on the market is generally around 50W. For the majority of car owners, the three lights parameters of current, voltage and power do not have much effect on the data of the choice of car headlights. It can be simply understood as “the lights are brighter and the fuel consumption is definitely more.

With a variety of LED headlight solutions on the modern automotive market. There are many reasons why many well-known car magazines and bloggers have decided to change factory lamp bulbs and get LED lamp bulb conversion kits. LED bulbs are reliable and last for more than 30,000 hours.

I hope this knowledge will help you choose, to better choose the lights and get a good experience.