Used Cars: Top Tips to Avoid Getting Swindled

carcraftPurchasing a used car can be one of the most valuable investments that you will ever expect to make. In fact, some of these cars can last for decades at a time; their prices dramatically reduced than those that would have been encountered only a few years ago when they were considered new. Still, all that glitters is not necessarily gold. While larger used car dealers such as Carcraft are built upon a solid reputation, there are others that may be less transparent. So, let us take a quick look at some of the best ways to avoid purchasing a vehicle that will cause more consternation than convenience.

Perform an Internet Search

When considering doing business with any company, it is important to first appreciate what others may be saying about their products or services. The same principle holds true (if not more so) for used car dealers. You will often be able to find a wealth of information on a certain dealership and obtain independent reviews by searching the Internet. While a company with poor reviews indeed should be avoided, one with little or no information should likewise not be chosen.

Ask for a Test Drive

Although a used car may appear to be shiny and new on the outside, never judge a book by its cover. There may very well be mechanical or electronic problems that are not seen until you will ask for a test drive. Also, avoid taking the car only around the block. It is instead recommended to spend fifteen or twenty minutes driving it on surface streets, on highways and if possible, in city traffic. These varying conditions will likewise make the vehicle respond differently. This is an excellent way to determine if there are any issues with the car before you commit to signing a contract. Most reputable dealerships will include this option as a part of their service and you should be suspect of any company that will not allow a simple test drive.

Take the Car to a Trusted Mechanic

Still, you should be aware that a test drive will not always be an accurate indicator of any faults that may be present just underneath the bonnet. Thus, it is always advisable to take the car to at least one mechanic that is not associated with the dealership. They can provide a thorough inspection that will highlight any issues with the vehicle. The most common problems will tend to centre around the brakes, the transmission, the suspension, body rot and oil leaks. While most newer model cars will most likely be devoid of these faults, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

This is not to say that all used car dealers are not to be trusted. On the contrary, lager portals including such nationally-recognised names as Carcraft are indeed very well respected. Still, the slogan “buyer beware” should always be remembered in cases such as this. These simple tips will help you avoid spending a great deal of time and money on a vehicle that is not at all what you had expected.