BMW Electronic Parts Catalog


BMW 3-Series (E90)
BMW 3-Series (E90) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DIY means Do It Yourself. Fortunately, now BMW fans have the opportunity to purchase parts and to repair and retrofit their machines independently. BMW officially offers to its dealers a program called ETK – which means “elektronischer Teilekatalog” – electronic parts catalog (it has recently been given an access to the online version after registration on the official website of BMW). 

In spite of this, there are numerous on-line versions of the catalog made ​​by enthusiasts. One of the oldest community directory was real – oem, but the information on it is rarely updated and selection of components was implemented ​in ​not very convenient way – users have to go through several screens before getting to the desired item.

I’ve just recently came across an interesting realization allows to select items based on installed options (such feature is not present even in the original program ETK) plus the built-in ETK search by BMW VIN number and not just search, which shows the model and year of manufacture, but it can decipher the options installed (even in all languages ​​!) – and this info can be exported to a PDF-file.

In general, this on-line service simply unique and useful for those who are engaged in repairing and retrofitting options for BMW.


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