InstaVIN: What Is It?

We’ve all heard that phrase “Show me the CARFAX®!”. Unfortunately, many people who dared to say this phrase to a used car dealer or 3rd party seller regretted it soon after. With such a huge budget, you’d assume CARFAX® would go the extra mile to provide a reliable and accurate product to their customers.

However, this company failed to provide what they promised, leaving thousands of American used car owners to deal with the ramifications of purchasing a faulty used vehicle. Not to mention, charging customers over $39.99 for an inaccurate vehicle history report.

Believe it or not, there is another car history report company out there that will provide reliable and honest information that doesn’t cost all the money in your pocket. You may be asking, “”Who is this company that could potentially save me thousands of dollars?”. The answer to your question is instaVIN. This company offers you real-time vehicle data at a much lower cost than their competition.

instaVIN pulls data from the NMVTIS, police records, junkyards, car shops, insurance carriers, and many other sources as well. It is because of these reliable sources that you get the best and highest quality information on every instaVIN report you purchase!

Information on each instaVIN report includes:

  • Odometer Information

  • Any total, salvage, and loss records

  • Any water or fire damage

  • Vehicle specifications

  • Any accidents

  • Impound & Towing events

  • Any theft

  • and more!

If this is the kind of information you’re looking for, then instaVIN may be a perfect choice for you! For more information on how instaVIN can save you thousands of dollars when purchasing a used car, visit them today!